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Legendary armor is the best armor you can find in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. They will all be golden and each of them will offer a certain bonus, unlocking an extra one in case you have equipped all the pieces of a certain set. There are dozens of legendary armors and it's not easy to get them all, but thanks to this guide you'll be able to find them all without problems. You can also see what bonuses they give you and whether it is convenient to spend the time needed to get them.

How to get the legendary Assassin's Creed Odyssey armor:

Snake set

The Serpent's armor set has the characteristic of doing poison damage, as you can guess from the very name of the armor. The different parts are: Noxious Boots, Venom Gloves, Slithering Belt, Scaled Torso. The set consists of rough clothes, several teeth and a mask made of snakeskin.

All parts will increase your poison damage and if you equip each piece you get +10% poison damage and a fatigue effect.

To get this set you'll have to complete all the missions related to the Eye of Kosmos cult.

Agamemnon Set

The Agamemnon set will increase your fire damage. The name as you know belongs to the legendary Mycenaean king of Greek mythology who fought against the Trojans in the war extolled by Homer. It is composed of golden espaliers adorned with the king's face, a central armor complete with scenes depicting the Trojan war and a helmet with two large feathers.

The parties will allow you to make your fire attacks more effective and equip them all at the same time you will increase the burns on your opponents by 50%, making your victims burn longer.

To get this set you'll have to fight the Silver Vein cult and defeat them all War Heroes of Athens.

The Athens War Hero set is one of two sets based on one of the two warring factions active in ancient Greece. The set combines blue, white and gold as Spartans. Equipping all the pieces of the set will allow your arrows to pierce the shields, very useful to defeat the more defensive opponents.

To get this set you'll have to defeat the Delian League cult.

Spartan Hero of the War set

As a counterpart to the previous set, the Spartan War Hero set will increase your damage against Athenian enemies. The set consists of a sparkling armor with red pieces of fabric and a helmet with a big red feather. If you equip the whole set you get a 15% bonus for your warrior skills.

This set is therefore indispensable for any warrior build, especially if you side with the Spartans.

To get the set you'll have to defeat the Peloponnesian League cult.

Pirate Set

The pirate set is a costume that looks like it came out of a second-hand clothing store. Equipping it will give you +15% damage with your assassin skills. So it's great if your way of playing includes surprise attacks or attacks from behind.

To get it you'll have to defeat the Aegean Sea cult.

Immortal Set

The Immortal set is inspired by Persian armour from the period of ancient Greece. The helmet is characterized by a dark brown feather, a turban and a black mask with a grimace.

By equipping all the pieces of armor you will gain the ability to recover 20% of life after you die. The ability has two minutes of cooldown but will be enough to allow you to survive the toughest operations.

To get it, you'll have to defeat the Worshippers of the Bloodline cult.

Achilles and Amazon sets

The Amazon set is available only for Kassandra and the Achilles set only for Alexions. Both have the same statistics making them completely identical in terms of gameplay.

The pieces will increase your health points and increase your regenerative abilities. By equipping all the pieces you will get the drain effect, which will allow you to recover 2% of the damage inflicted on your adversaries as health.

To get these sets you will have to defeat the Heroes of the Cult.

Arena Fighter Set

The Arena Fighter set is reserved only for those who have triumphed in the arenas. This set will make you look like a real gladiator.

Equipping it will allow you to recover 10% of the damage inflicted with each overpowering attack.

To get it you will need to complete the arena quests that will start when you receive an invitation to the arena from the first mercenary bounty hunter you take out.

Artemis Set

The theme of Artemis' set is brown and is dedicated to the goddess of hunting. Equip this set will enhance your skills with bow and arrows. Equipping all the pieces of the set will give you a 15% bonus to your hunting skills.

The way it is unlocked is still unclear.

Semidium Set

The Semidium set will give you a 10% damage bonus regardless of the skills you use. The theme of the set is Elvish and includes a tiara.

To get it you'll need to complete quests related to the Gates of Atlantis.

Greek Heroes Set

The Greek Heroes set consists of a furry cloak with some golden goat's horns for your shoulders. Equipping it will give you a 20% bonus to all resistances.

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