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Next 5th October, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey will be officially released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and also on Nintendo Switch, through Cloud Streaming, though only limited to Japan. In recent months, Ubisoft has revealed several details about the successor of the successful Origins, which will be set in Ancient Greece, and will reveal many new details about the Assassin's Creed. If you're interested to know all the information currently available on this new chapter of the saga, perhaps even to guide your first steps in the game, scroll the following lines, and you'll learn everything there is to know about Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - the story of Kassandra and Alexios

As widely anticipated, also this new chapter of the saga will give the player the opportunity to choose who will be the protagonist of the main plot. Kassandra and Alexios will be the two main characters of the story, and the user will have to choose which of the two will be impersonated, bearing in mind that this choice will be final. Both are descendants (grandchildren, to be precise) of Leonidas, the unforgettable and heroic king of Sparta. The physical characteristics of the characters will remain fixed: it will not be possible, therefore, to change their look, cut beard, change hairstyle and so on. It will, however, be possible to change their equipment, divided into: helmet, torso, arms, waist and legs. The armor worn on the torso.

Both Kassandra and Alexios are "Misthios", a type of mercenaries, at the time, very common in Sparta. There is only one way you can increase their fame in the world of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey: by killing other mercenaries. Both protagonists will be able to control Ikaros, an eagle that will come in very useful to them on many occasions. Despite their combative nature, the two nephews of King Leonidas have a very similar character: charismatic, aggressive but also magnanimous.

A huge game world that can be fully explored...

We will be able to freely explore a great many territories of Greece.

The player will visit Ancient Greece in the year 431 BC. In the midst of the Peloponnesian war, while Athens (and the Delio-Aptic League) and Sparta (and the Peloponnesian League) are in conflict with each other. The game world map will feature a "dynamic and constant state of war" between the Peloponnesian and Delio-Aptic leagues, going to mark the geographical areas occupied by them with the Nation Power", and each zone will have a Leader to eliminate, in order to take control of the region in favour of one of the two leagues. The influence of the two respective factions, as well as their defences, may also be weakened through the performance of certain actions within which they exercise their influence.

In the world map there will be several biomes, all perfectly distinguishable, such as forests, volcanic islands, beaches and mountains. Of course, there could not miss the points of interest, present in virtually every chapter of the saga. In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey there will be 600 of them. Among the confirmed explorable locations, there are regions that we all studied in the history books, including Attika, Lakonia, Makedonia and Messara. Going down in more detail, we will also visit specific places including Mount Taigeto, Sparta, Athens, as well as various islands such as Delos, Mykonos and, of course, the Aegean Sea itself. The game will include a dynamic weather system, which can affect our life in the game to varying degrees, generating both good weather and terrible storms.

The title will also present some welcome returns, including the Legendary Ships, which so many have gathered in Black Flag and Rogue. In addition to Athens and Sparta, there will also be other factions in the game world. Among these, we can count the Bandits, the Artemis Hunters and the Guards of Worship.

It will be of fundamental importance, then, to stock up on resources, to build objects that could prove vital. With wood, for example, it will be possible to create arrows to shoot with our bow. There will be, of course, the Tombs with their riddles, as also happened in Origins. It will then be possible to meet with other mercenaries and fight with them.

...on horseback or aboard your ship...

With your ship, moving around at sea will no longer be a problem.

How will you get around in such a big game world? Riding on your horse, of course! The return of the animals to ride has been confirmed, although, for the moment, only the horses have been mentioned. As for moving by sea, a newly designed naval system has been introduced to cross the Aegean. Players will be able to use their ship, the Adrestia, which will also be their base of operations. It will be possible to interact with our crew, and its management will guarantee you both advantages and specific perks. But don't worry, you will also be able to upgrade and customize your own ship, as well as embark (pardon the pun) on secondary missions, which can be obtained on a bulletin board aboard the Adrestia.

The Adrestia will also be able to spur enemy boats, thus partially regenerating its health. However, you will also be able to equip your vessel with weapons for ranged attack, such as javelins and arrows. As in previous chapters, you'll be able to board enemy ships. If instead you decide to sink them, you can always decide to dive underwater and take possession of the caskets on these ships. For this purpose, you can get underwater helmets, which can increase the duration of breathing underwater.

To aid the exploration phase, be aware that not all mission objectives will be shown on the map or compass, so you'll need to be able to handle it yourself. Finally, players will have a torch for exploring at night and unlit indoor areas.

One look at the Combat System...

The fighting will have a primary role in Odyssey.

To favour one of the two main factions present in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, you'll face different Conquest Battles. These are big battles, which will start when the Leader of a given region is eliminated. At this very moment, the protagonist will have to choose between the armies of Sparta and Athens, which will be up to 150 soldiers respectively. As you can easily imagine, these stages will be visually rewarding.

In order to best develop your protagonist, you will have three skill trees at your disposal: Hunter, Warrior or Assassin. There will also be unique skills available for the Lance of Leonidas. Among the new skills introduced in Odyssey, we can mention "Rush Assassinate", "Rain of Arrows" and also the possibility to make the Spartan Kick, taken directly from the famous movie "300". Our hero will be able to choose up to 12 different skills, so he can diversify his style of play quite a bit. However, should you wish to retrace your steps, don't worry: you can reset your skills at any time.

... and the weapons available

One of the main features of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is the attention given to the adrenaline bar which, once it fills up during combat, will allow us to unleash devastating special attacks. The weapons we use can also be improved. The engravings will be usable at a blacksmith to improve the quality of weapons and armor equipped, with the addition of advantages that will improve, for example, the generation of adrenaline. Among the weapons confirmed so far, we can find: swords, daggers, heavy weapons not sharpened, heavy weapons with blades, sticks / rods, spears, bows and arrows. It will also be possible to equip and exchange two melee weapons during combat.

As in Assassin's Creed: Origins, weapons will have their own degree of rarity (Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary), as well as various attributes and advantages, often unique. If you were already anticipating the moment when you would become part of a Spartan phalanx, we must give you a burning disappointment: you can not equip a shield.

The game will provide us with several types of arrows, including crippling, poisonous and fiery arrows. With a special ability, then, we will be able to make the Ghost Arrows through the walls, hitting even the most protected enemies. The crew of yours, through a skill called "Call To Arms", can be called to assist you in combat, a bit like in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, with the call to collect members of the Brotherhood.

One of the biggest news, however, is the absence of the famous Lama Celata, the real distinctive mark of the Assassins. It will be possible, however, to carry out the silent killings with the Lance of Leonidas. Furthermore, the enemies can also be shot down with non-lethal attacks, perhaps distracting them by whistling, and possible corpses can be hidden.

A completely new dialogue system

In this respect, Odyssey is the first game in the saga to feature an interactive dialogue system. Just as in role-playing, the protagonist will have several possible answers at his disposal, including the ability to lie shamelessly to his interlocutor. The decisions you make may have an impact on the game world, both short and long term, as well as unlock different branches of the plot and lead you to alternative endings. It is possible, again through the dialogue system, to have relationships and flirt with characters encountered during the game's plot. This option will also include characters of the same sex as the main character. The characters with whom you have a love story will be able to get on our ship.

The execution of illegal actions will, as a consequence, put a price on our heads. Civilians, in fact, will notice our torts, bringing them back to the Regents and guaranteeing us a not exactly positive "reputation". However, there is a remedy for this as well. You can decide to buy the silence of those who have imposed the bounty in question, or even to take them out; alternatively, it will be possible to fight the mercenaries who will come looking for us as well as to hide from them. If the player decides not to do any of these actions, the mercenaries will continue to hunt our protagonist in the game world. Civilians can also choose to help the guards and mercenaries in the fight against the player.

Become the most feared among Mercenaries

Will be available a real ranking of Mercenaries, which will show us the direct rivals of the protagonist, making us easily understand who we will have to fight against in the game world to improve our rank. The improvement of this rank will give us big discounts in the various shops present. The members of our crew can be recruited throughout the game map, hiring them or convincing them after defeating them in battle. As for Experience Points and level progression, it will all be very similar to what we saw in Assassin's Creed: Origins. As far as we know, the maximum possible level to reach is 50.

Among the various collectables, the ainigmata ostraka will be hidden in various areas, and will have a function not very different from the Papyri of Origins, which required to decipher clues to be located. It will be possible, furthermore, to tame the animals and, once tamed, we will also be able to pet them.

A few details about the game and multiplayer storyline

Ubisoft has stated that they have recorded over 30 hours of dialogue, which makes us understand how important they will be in the development of the main quest. In addition, Layla Hassan will also be able to return to the present and make some unspecified "trips". However, these moments will be optional, and accessible at any time during the game.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey will also tell us about the First Civilization. It will be explored in depth throughout the game, with more emphasis on storytelling. The character we're going to select will be somehow connected to the First Civilization, and Leonidas' own Broken Spear that he's going to wield is nothing more than a damaged HDI artifact. In addition to the Spear, there will also be other Fruits of Eden, including an Apple of Eden that has already been officially confirmed.

As for the multiplayer, still all silent. It is very likely that an online component can be inserted, with a result not very different from that obtained with Origins.

More about Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

There are many DLCs planned for the game.

Among the new features added, we can mention a quick save option. More slots will also be available to save our progress in the game. Odyssey, like all the latest generation games, will have a Photo Mode. The New Game Plus will not be available at the launch of the title, but will be released at a later date. Also, anyone who liked the alternative control system of Origins will be able to use it in this new installment of the series.

Two DLCs have already been planned, each of which will include three episodes: Legacy of the First Blade (scheduled for December 2018) and The Fate of Atlantis (scheduled for Spring 2019). Anyone who decides to buy the season pass of the game will also receive a copy of Assassin's Creed III Remastered as a gift from Ubisoft (scheduled for release in March 2019) The Season Pass will also include all the DLCs of Odyssey and also Assassin's Creed Liberation. However, the French publisher has also thought about downloadable content available for free. The Lost Tales of Greece are DLCs that will offer new missions, which will be periodically added in the time immediately following the launch of the game.

Both daily and weekly missions will be included in the Season Pass. As if all this is still not enough, there will be the possibility to get weapons, equipment and exotic objects, not forgetting also the clashes with unique mercenaries, epic ships and mythical animals. Given the presence of a double protagonist, the physical version of the game will have a reversible cover, giving us the opportunity to show off Alexios or Kassandra.

As for the official novel inspired by the game, it will be published after the launch of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. The book will be narrated from Kassandra's point of view, suggesting that she will be the "canonical" protagonist of the title.

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