Assassin's Creed 3 - Guide to Trophies and Achievements

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Ready to platinum-plate Assassin’s Creed 3 !?!? With our guide it will be a piece of cake!



- Complete the main adventure leaving aside all the side quests.
- Find all the collectables (feathers, pages and especially the wooden leg trinkets) that will provide you with upgrades to deal with submissions.
- Devote yourself to 100% synchronization of the various previously missed missions.
- Complete trophies/objectives that require some challenge in combat.
- Complete the trophies/objectives online.

Abrupt awakening
Back in the Animus.
Mysterious guest
Complete sequences 1 and 2.
Do you like apples?
Complete sequence 3.
New heroes
Complete sequence 4.
The cry of the Templars
Complete sequence 5.
Tea for the English
Complete sequence six.
Right in the eye
Complete sequence 7.
Wolf in a Cage
Complete sequence 8.
Sails unfurled

Complete sequence 9.
Clouds over the future
Complete sequence 10.
A bitter end
Complete sequence 11.
The hour of truth
Complete sequence 12.
Daddy's love ( SECRET )
Complete the mission at the stadium (in the present).
Cross in sight (SECRET
Complete the mission at the skyscraper (in the present).
The end is near (SECRET)
Complete the mission at Abstergo (in the present).
The price of good deeds
Open the temple door and discover Desmond's fate.
Master Assassin
Get all the trophies ( PS3 only ).
An extraordinary man
Complete the Encyclopedia of the common man.
He did one of Franklin's projects to decorate the house. Collect the Almanac pages to unlock the projects, make any one to unlock this goal/trophy.
Add a seat at the table
Recruit one artisan per type and bring him to live on the estate. Complete all missions on the estate to unlock this achievement.
Avid gambler
Win a game of Fanorona, filet and bowls at the estate. A really difficult goal, especially for Fanorona, there is no advice but only practice, practice and practice, study the opponent's tactics and turn them against him.
I'll show you the house
Explore Fort Wolcott. Check out the "On Kidd's Trails" trophy.
On Kidd's trail
Discover the mystery of Oak Island... Collect all the wooden knick-knacks and go to the various points indicated until you discover the island of Kidd. To defeat the wolves on Kidd Island and achieve 100% synchronicity, use this little bug. As soon as the ship's captain informs you of the arrival of the wolves, run to the "fire kissed" mast until you hear the music lock and the wolves' red marker stop. Now all you have to do is approach the stationary wolves and kill them with the hidden blade. It is possible that future updates to the game will eliminate this bug.
Who said pirate?
Complete the 12 Corsairs missions.
Strengthen the Eagle. Simply purchase the extra cannons for the Eagle for 2500 coins.
Invitation only
You get an invitation to a club.
Send a convoy to Boston, New York and the border.
Words in the wind
Retrieve all the pages of one of Franklin's almanacs. Look at the "Bricolage" trophy/objective.
Multifaceted ingenuity
Complete 50% of the items in the progress indicator.
Easy trigger
Perform a double murder with a rifle. Steal a bayonet rifle and during an open conflict with multiple enemies, stab one opponent and shoot another while the rifle is still planted in the first enemy.
Circus number
Kill 15 guards with a single cannon shot. Complete this objective during the Battle of Monmouth mission.
Hang 5 enemies using a rope dart. Climb the border trees or the rooftops of the city and use the rope dart on the enemies below to hang them. After the first kill the enemies will try to shoot you down, finding the treasure of Oak Island, you will overcome this problem.
Prince of thieves
He robs a convoy without killing the guards. That is, plunder a convoy by killing the guards with your bare hands.
Heavy shield
Defend yourself five times from a line of fire using a human shield. During open conflicts some enemies will move away to prepare a line of fire and shoot you, press A/X on the first unfortunate one you have near them to use it as a human shield.
Jaeger Exterminator
After you become notorious, kill 10 Jaegers before you lose your notoriety. In one of the first game sequences, after the Boston massacre, run around and you'll easily see the Jaegers (they are basically the commanders of the forts) kill 10 without losing fame and you'll get the trophy. In the more advanced stages of the game you just need to make a lot of confusion to make them appear, but it will be more difficult to get 10.
Magna cum laude
Bring a follower to the rank of Assassin. Send a follower on a mission until he reaches the highest rank, the 10th.
Lord of the Forest
It sells undamaged leathers in all stores. Can be completed from sequence 9 onwards, after unlocking all stores.
You witness the killing of an enemy by a predator. Follow a troop of soldiers and once in the forest, sprinkle the path with food to lure dangerous animals onto the path...finally, enjoy the scene.
Hunter and killer
Get to sequence 10 on a map in Multiplayer Branch mode.
Winning team
Your team has to win at the end of a multiplayer session.
Details that matter
Customize your profile and character in multiplayer mode.
Complete the main missions 100%.
We're all here
All secondary characters must take up residence on the estate.
King of the seven seas
Complete all naval missions aboard the Eagle.
A real ace
Complete all the challenges of a club.
The idol of crowds
Clear all precincts in Boston or New York.
Complete all items of the progress indicator.
Complete each unlocked mission at the end of the awards. Complete unlockable denouement missions after finishing the main adventure.
Abstergo Entertainment
Reach level 20 in multiplayer mode.
The truth comes out
Viola an Abstergo video. Online trophy in multiplayer mode.
In the network (SECRET)
Find all accesses and synchronize the Animus with Cloud. Once the adventure is over, by completing the objective "The truth comes out", you will discover that you can violate the Animus and activate various tricks. The first time you'll have to do it online by synchronizing your player profile with Ubisoft's Cloud, then you'll have to triangulate the position of all the accesses and collect them. Then synchronize your profile with the Cloud again. Below are all the accesses and their effect:
Made of Steel: Endless life, you will be invincible.
Infinite ammunition: Weapons ammunition and infinite arrows.
Season Changer: Allows you to change the season between summer and winter.
Weather Man: Allows you to change weather conditions.
Thunder Kill: Thunder and lightning at every kill.
Sun and Moon: Lets you change between day and night.
Semi-Automatic: Firearms must not be reloaded.
Killing Spree: Allows you to assassinate without being in stealth mode.
Recruit: Unlock the ability to use followers infinitely without recharging.
Ninja: Enemies do not see or hear the player.

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