Assassin's Creed 3 - Guide to Delivery Requests

By accepting a delivery request, you will receive a list of items to be supplied to the civilian who will assign you the mission: five specific types of resources or finished items in various qualities. Once everything is placed in the inventory, a return icon will appear at the initial point of the delivery request, allowing you to interact with the civilian and make the delivery to receive a fixed payment of £1,000. Some advanced delivery requests require items that can only be obtained by processing them after they have been advanced enough in the relevant secondary missions of the estate. Although it is technically possible to obtain the items to be traded and the various resources by pickpocketing onerous citizens, we advise against this; you would be wasting too much time.


Necessary items:
- Beaver teeth x5
- Bearskin x3
- Lynx skin x3
- Cougar skin x3
- Wolfskin x5

Most of these items are available by completing the Hunters' Society missions

TROY'S WOOD OBJECTS - sequence 5

Necessary items:
- Bear claws x3
- Lynx claws x3
- Wolf tusks x3
- Cougar tusks x2
- Moose horns x3

By completing the Hunters' Society missions, or by normally hunting you will accumulate the necessary items

BOSTON CENTER OBJECTS - after The Boston Wanted in sequence 5

Necessary items:
- Paper x3
- Hair accessory x2
- Dolls x2
- Gold rings x1
- Soap x2

Although this mission is available in the initial stages, three of the necessary objects cannot be processed until sequence 9. You can only complete it when the gold rings are made available during sequence 10.

BOSTON SOUTH OBJECTS - after the Furious Cook in sequence 6

Necessary items:
- Raccoon skin x5
- Deer skin x5
- Beaver skin x5
- Buttons x2
- Foxskin x3

Buttons cannot be processed until sequence 7. There is no point in dealing with this in the initial stages. If you sell them in a convoy, the skins are worth thousands of pounds.


Necessary items:
- Bear grease x1
- Deer marrow x3
- Rabbit's foot x5
- Moose heart x1
- Foxtail x1

This delivery request can only be accepted when the Valley Forge military camp appears at the beginning of sequence 9.


Necessary items:
- Salt x1
- Venison x5
- Hare meat x5
- Moose meat x 5
- Bread x2

You'll only have to make salt and bread, the three animal products you can get them by hunting.


Necessary items:
- Beers x3
- Sidri x2
- Spirits x2
- Tea x2
- Dried deer meat x2

All objects must be processed, but the craftsman in question is only available from sequence 7.


Necessary items:
- Cough syrup x1
- Eyewash x1
- Pomade x1
- Universal remedy x1
- Stomachache medicine x1

Cough syrup and eye drops cannot be processed before sequences 10 and 11 respectively.

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