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Definitely one of the longest lasting sub quests of the title, but thanks to our guide you will be able to complete this giant tome on everyday life on the Davenport estate.

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This secondary mission will become available from sequence 6 by talking to Achilles at the estate. It's one of the longest lasting submissions of the game and plan to scan all the inhabitants of the estate in their various daily tasks. Before you can do this you will need to complete ALL of the estate's missions so that ALL of the inhabitants are in place to be scanned. Many missions of the estate will only be unlocked in advanced stages of the game. Once you have completed the estate missions you will have to scan the workers to add them to the encyclopedia, which will simply require you to aim a character ( L2/LT ) with the MIRINO that is used to hook opponents. Once populated the estate will become alive and the characters will perform multiple jobs and tasks. To find out if an action is interesting for the encyclopedia just activate the EYE OF AQUILA and see if the character is surrounded by a GOLDEN AUREA, then you just need to aim it to add it to the collection. You will see BLUE SHINE actions that are not interesting or already included in the encyclopedia. Gradually complete this mission, often visiting the inhabitants during the adventure, because even though the encyclopedia can only be completed once the adventure is over, it is good to continue it gradually. Following the inhabitants until they perform an action is useless, you will have to visit them several times in and out of the estate.

Below is the list of actions to be scanned by each character:

- LANCE the Carpenter: Planing the wood - Discussing with a customer - Inspecting a fence - Repairing a beam - Sawing - Sharpening tools.
- NORRIS the Miner: Dig - Fill a lantern - Sift rocks - Repair a beam - Sharpen tools.
- ELLEN the Tailor: Trade leather - Discuss with a customer - Sewing - Take measurements.
- BIG DAVE the Blacksmith: Shoeing a horse - Split a log with the lumberjacks - Unload a cart - Add a new metal ring - Forge the metal - Sharpen the tools.
- MYRIAM the Hunter: Skin a deer - Set traps - Clean the musket - Roast a hare - Trade skins - Sharpen tools.
- GODFREY AND TERRY i Loggers: Reading a newspaper - Playing bowls - Sawing - Splitting a log - Unloading a cart - Sharpening tools - Inspecting or Loading wood.
- LYLE the Doctor: Read a newspaper - Play bowls - Collect herbs - Take measurements with Ellen - Discuss with a client.
- OLIVER AND CORINNE i Locandieri: Roast a deer - Shovel the hay - Lazing around behind the counter - Squeeze the apples - Change the kegs - Slaughter a pig - Change the bottles - Take measurements - Pig the grapes.
- WARREN AND PRUDENCE FACTORS: Working with flax - Plucking a chicken - Taking care of bees - Feeding chickens - Shoveling hay - Ploughing a field - Milking cows - Preparing butter.

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