Asphalt Street Storm Racing - Tips and Tricks !

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New York, Paris, Hong Kong... The world is ready to crown the best driver ever, but the road for title aspirants is definitely uphill. Asphalt Street Storm Racing is an intriguing title dedicated to the world of racing and today we are here to reveal some tricks that will allow you to put the turbo in the engine once and for all. In the list below you will also find some useful tips to triumph in competitions and to ensure you rich premiums, are you ready? Let's get started!

Complete the daily challenges dedicated to cars!

Not everyone knows it, but at Asphalt Street Storm Racing every day users are given the opportunity to test new cars. Each challenge, regardless of the level of difficulty, will guarantee you 600 easy coins... make sure you tackle these tests before they are removed!

Basic daily challenges

In addition to the car challenges we just talked about Asphalt Street Storm Racing offers daily tests designed to test the skill of the most experienced players. You can find the complete list in your profile page, every day you will receive five of them: these challenges will give you not only coins, but also useful diamonds, completing them all by the end of the day (this is one of the very few ways to earn diamonds without spending!).

The perfect start

Timing is absolutely essential, the perfect time to launch the car is when the number one light goes off. Do not start before time or you will be disqualified. Gear shift management is also essential and requires a bit of practice, the most important thing is that the needle is in the green area of the bar: in this way you will immediately get a higher speed.

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