Art of Fighting SNES cheats

Art of Fighting it's a fighting video games at meetings developed by SNK for various consoles, including Super Nintendo Entertainment System , Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD.

The video game featured in Substantial the second attempt by SNK, after Fatal Fury, to rival Capcom and its idolized Street Fighter 2. Public and critics at the time reserved a moderate success for Art of Fighting, which managed to carve out a slice of the market and a niche of enthusiasts, thanks to an impressive graphics engine ea huge sprites that as they take damage they see their appearance changed. The camera then records the wrestlers zooming in two directions depending on their position, which was innovative for those years. 
The main innovation at the level of gameplay instead it is the spirit bar, which drops each time a special move is made and can instead be recharged by holding down the fist button. The plot of the single player mode is rather thin and sees the two friends Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia fight to rescue Yuri, the sister of the first, kidnapped by the bad guy on duty.

Another very interesting aspect of the game is the super move that can be obtained by overcoming bonus stages between one match and another. The game was also released for Sega Mega Drive and, if you are a collector who loves all versions of your favorite games, it is also present in a collection for Sony PlayStation 2.

Start a new game, then select Story Mode. When the game starts, pause and press:

When the fight begins, jump forward to the CPU and kick it in the knee while in the air. For some reason, the computer never blocks this type of attack. This trick works with any character and at any difficulty level.

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