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ARMS allows you to unlock different "arms" to add that extra touch of dynamism to matches and customise your game strategy more, but how can we unlock them quickly?

Simple: earn currency in game. Simple? Not really. In-game currency is not so simple to receive, because it requires playing - and winning - several matches or completing the Grand Prix mode which, depending on the difficulty, will give you an X number of "money" in game.

Once you have at least 30 points you can enter the minigame "Get Arms", select a character, spend points based on how long you want the minigame to last - depending on certain actions the time will increase during the game - and launch the game. At this point it's a matter of speed and accuracy, because the minigame is about punching targets as quickly as possible. Clocks will appear, and each clock will give you another five seconds. Gift packs will appear, and if you hit them you will be given a new arm.

The problem is that there are over 270 arms to unlock and the risk that you'll be "drugged" by duplicates, as a method this requires excessive grinding and could quickly - very quickly - lead to boredom.

So how do you do it?

Instead of earning points by playing single matches, you'd better practice a lot in the "Grand Prix" mode so you can increase the difficulty and, once completed, get more points to spend in the "Get Arms" minigame. It's also not good to do 30-second minigames at all, but it's better, for a statistical point, to bet on longer minigames, so you can increase the time with the internal methods of the minigame, and to have more chances to hit one of the boxes containing a random arm during the game.

Obviously this is a method that is more related to your skill as a player than speed, but it's a perfect way to train and improve. At the beginning, however, it is better to take advantage of the minigame in its shortest duration, to start drugging a good number of arms and practice fast taking points to spend in the minigame.

Points can also be earned by playing online, with bonuses for multiple consecutive wins and others.

To simplify things, we propose a table showing how many points are taken by completing Grand Prix mode in a given difficulty

Level of Difficulty
















To recap: the arms are unlocked with its specific minigame, but to access it you need to score points to spend in the minigame. Points are earned by playing matches, and the quickest way to get points is to play Grand Prix mode.

It may seem a strange and unnecessarily complex system, but it's one of those systems that are easier done than said, and it allows you to practice a lot.

A good player, through the "Get Arms" minigame set to 90 seconds can be able to drug about twenty arms at a time, so, with a little practice, you should be able to get not all but almost all the droppable arms, improving more and more in the game.

And by getting better, you get more points. Basically, everyone wins in this way.

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