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Apex Legends is a battle royale that bases its gameplay on the unique skills of playable heroes. Called Legends, these characters take the traditional Battle Royale experience to the next step thanks to their skills.

All eight legends have three abilities each: passive, tactical, and Ultimate. The passive ability is always active and requires no player management. The tactical abilities are activated by the player and offer many types of special interactions and various gameplay advantages.

Finally, there are Ultimate abilities that will be familiar if you've ever played Overwatch, League of Legends or DOTA. Once it's fully charged, you can choose to unleash a skill that's much more powerful than ordinary ones. Ultimate gives you and your teammates a significant advantage.

Below are all the abilities for each Legend currently available. As more Legends are introduced, we will update this article.

Apex Legends | All skills

Bangalore Skills

  • Passive - Double Time - Taking fire as it snaps makes you move faster for a short time.
  • Tactic - Smoke Launcher: Shoot a high-speed smoke bomb that explodes on impact in a wall of smoke.
  • Ultimate - call the artillery to fire the map.

Bloodhound Skills

  • Passive - Tracker - Enemies leave tracks for you to find.
  • Tactics - Eye of the Allfather - Briefly reveal enemies, traps and clues through all the structures in front of you.
  • Ultimate - Beast of the Hunt - Transform yourself into the ultimate hunter. Improve your senses, allowing you to see the most hidden tracks and move faster.

Caustic Skills

  • Passive - Nox Vision - You can see the enemy threat as you move through your own generated gas curtain.
  • Tactics - Nox Gas Trap - Place up to 6 traps that release deadly gas when hit or triggered by enemies.
  • Ultimate - Grenade Gas Box - Covers a large area with Nox (nitrogen oxide) gas.

Gibraltar Skills

  • Passive - Gun Shield - Aiming towards enemy fire opens a shield that blocks incoming fire
  • Tactical - Dome Protection - Launch a dome protection that blocks attacks for 15 seconds.
  • Ultimate - Defensive Bombardment - Perform a mortar hit focused on a position marked by smoke.

Lifeline Skills

  • Passive - Combat Medic - Regenerates teammates faster while protected by a wall of shields. Healing objects are used 25% faster.
  • Tactics - D.O.C. Heal Drone - Drone of Compassion (DOC) automatically heals those close to you.
  • Ultimate - Care Package - Take away a large number of personal defense equipment and accessories.

Mirage Skills

  • Passive - Encore! - Automatically drops a holographic bait for 5 seconds when it is shot down.
  • Tactics - Psyche Out - Send a holographic bait to confuse the enemy.
  • Ultimate - Vanishing Act - Mirage deploys a team of holographic clones to distract enemies.

Pathfinder Skills

  • Passive - Insider Knowledge: Scan a detection signal to reveal the next sensitive location.
  • Tactics - Grappling Hook - Grapple to quickly reach the farthest places.
  • Ultimate - Zipline Gun: creates a zipline for everyone to use.

Wraith Skills

  • Passive - Voices from the Void: Hear voices as danger approaches.
  • Tactics - Into the Void - Quickly position yourself in "empty space", avoiding all damage.
  • Ultimate - Dimensional Rift - Connect 2 locations with portals for 60 seconds.
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