Anthem: How to Unlock Javelins and Classes Guide

Javelins are exoskeletons or exosuits, which are suits that players can put on the character they are controlling. There are various types and the peculiarity is that by changing Javelin will be possible to change the class of the character. However, at the beginning of the game, you can only choose one. Access to other Javelins will be possible later, but you will have to unlock them. If you're wondering when they will be available, this guide will show you how to unlock new Javelins in Anthem.

Anthem Guide | How to Unlock New Javelin

Unlocking new Javelin during the course of our adventure in Anthem is quite simple. You can unlock them automatically as you progress through the story. Choose your first exosuit after the tutorial. Once you reach level 12, you'll have to take another one. The next choice becomes available at level 20, while the last suit unlocks when you reach level 28. That's all there is to it - just keep playing and you'll get them all in the end.

The next big question is, of course, which Javelin should you choose first. This depends on many factors. Classes in Anthem are not as rigid as in most games - each has both offensive and self-regeneration skills. Javelin should be chosen according to the approach you want to give to your adventure, and if you're a newbie and haven't played the beta, it's probably safer for you to choose Ranger as your first Javelin. It is the most complete of all.

As a second choice we recommend the Colossus, which is a kind of tank and allows you to take the enemies you encounter in Anthem head-on. It is more bulky than the others, but its lack of mobility is compensated for by a great ability to defend and attack.

There's not much more to know to unlock new Javelin, because you really just need to move forward with the story and level up to take possession of new suits. But now it's time to explain a little bit about the advantages and disadvantages of the Anthem classes.

Anthem | Explanation of classes

In total, there are four classes in Anthem represented by the Javelins: Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm. All four classes have distinct weapons and abilities, which are exclusive to that class only. You'll use your Javelin exosuit to fly through the vast world of Anthem, but you can switch between them once you've unlocked more than one as you progress through the game. Below is a brief description of the four classes available.

Anthem | Ranger Class

This Ranger-type Javelin will be the exodus with which all Anthem players will begin. Basically, it's the most versatile of the four classes, but from here you can unlock the three additional classes and switch between them.

The Ranger has the melee skill Shock Mace. You can use this special skill to deploy an electric type bat, which sends a deadly amount of volts to enemies who become vulnerable to further attacks as they get caught up in its stunting action.

The Ranger can also use grenades. During Anthem you can encounter different types of grenades as you explore the open world. We have listed the five grenades that the Ranger Javelin can equip: Fragmentation grenade (standard), Hell (fire), Frost (ice), Seeker (breaks down to create more small grenades), Sticky (attaches to targets).

Anthem | Class Colossus

You've probably already seen the Colossus in the Anthem movie: it's the biggest and most impressive exosuit. As you can easily guess, the Colossus specializes in heavy weapons, such as rocket launchers, flamethrowers and weapons that carry a high rate of environmental destruction.

The Colossus has a shoulder-mounted mortar and a handy customizable launcher. Just below, we've listed all the options you'll have available for the launcher:

Heavy Cannon - fire a single large rocket in a targeted direction.
Flamethrower - Send a continuous stream of fire that burns enemies.
Flak Cannon - Fire an arc of short range bullets at multiple enemies.
Railgun - Fire a high damage laser at a single target.
Acid Spitter - fires a single acid bullet that continuously damages enemies.

Anthem | Interceptor Class

The Interceptor is the most agile of all four classes in Anthem. It's certainly not the strongest, but it's the fastest, able to engage enemies both in flight and on the ground, and inflict serious damage with blades.

The Interceptor has the "Double Blade Dagger" skill. When used, this ability causes the Interceptor to deal rapid damage with multiple hits from two daggers in a rapid sequence of melee attacks. It can also equip an ability from each section of its attack system:

  • Assault System
  • Strike System
  • Support System

Anthem | Storm Class

In terms of weapons, every Javelin in Anthem has two weapon slots available, including the Javelin Storm. Storm can equip any type of weapon in the game in these two slots, with the exception of heavy weapons such as rocket launchers, which can only be equipped by the Colossus.

The Storm class can use the "Flaming Strike" ability, which allows the exosuit to launch a huge explosive bombardment, which repels all enemies within a certain radius.

What makes this class very versatile and dangerous in battle is its ability to use the elements. For example, with Lightning Storm inflicts lightning damage in a certain area, with Ice Storm creates a single area covered with ice, which inflicts damage until the final explosion, with Flame Burst causes a rapid explosion that inflicts damage to a specific location, with Glacial Beam fires a single beam of icy energy in one direction, while with Arc Burst triggers a lightning explosion that jumps from one enemy to another.

These and many other elemental skills of the Storm class.

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