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Consumables are temporary boosts of statistics that can be used by Anthem players. You can hire them before you go on a mission and they will increase the stats you select during that mission. You can equip up to three of them as you progress through the story, but you only start with one slot. You can find consumables around, but you can also build them yourself. This guide will show you how to create consumables in Anthem through the game's crafting system.

Anthem | How to create consumables

To create the consumables, you must interact with your Javelin at Fort Tarsis. This leads to the shipping screen. Scroll to the right until you reach the consumables tab. There will be two sections here - one for equipment, one for crafting. When you get to crafting, you'll see all the available projects. Choose one and if you have everything you need, you will be allowed to create it.

At first, you can only use one consumable per shipment. An additional slot opens once you reach level 20, and another one when you reach level 30. You'll get new projects both as rewards for your expedition and as loot from enemies and by opening trunks around the world. As the rarity increases, so does the strength of the effect. For example, a rare project gets twice as strong as an uncommon one of the same type. Here is a list of all the consumables discovered so far. This guide will be updated with any new consumables.

Consumables are represented by symbols that highlight the effect they will have. Sort of like inscriptions. That's what they are:

Acid: +10 acid damage, + 3% additional acid damage applied to enemies, + 10% acid resistance.
Armor: + 10% armor, + 3% physical resistance
Combo: + 10% damage from combos
Fire: +10 fire damage, + 3% additional fire damage applied to enemies, + 10% fire resistance
Gear: + 10% charging speed
Thermal: + 10% heat capacity
Ice: +10 ice damage, + 3% additional ice damage applied to enemies, + 10% ice resistance
Electricity: +10 lightning damage, + 3% additional lightning damage applied to enemies, + 10% lightning resistance
Melee: + 10% melee damage
Shield: + 10% shield, + 10% regeneration
Ultimate: + 10% damage completed

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