Animal Crossing: New Horizons Upgrade Resident Services

The office that serves as Resident Services is one of the most important buildings on the island. It's available from the beginning, but it needs to be upgraded, otherwise after a while it will start to run out of resources. The more the island expands and from tents to houses and inhabitants multiply, the more you will need an efficient Resident Services office.

Below we describe in detail the process that allows us to upgrade the tent of the Residents' Services, in order to transform it into a real building with all the comforts.

How to upgrade Resident Services

At first, this tent will give access to few items and few features, so it needs several upgrades to operate at full capacity. Unfortunately, the only way to upgrade it is to pass the time. After about a week or so (but it's variable), Tom Nook will announce that the Residents Services building will go into construction the next day. So it will take about eight days, but again, it's variable, but it shouldn't take more than ten days.

After this period, the town square will be updated with paving and a new notice board. Isabelle will join the office staff and you will be able to discuss with her matters related to the villagers, as well as change the flag and melody of the town. From then on she will also be responsible for the morning announcements.

The upgrade of the Services will also bring a bonus of 500 Nook Miles (the game currency). There will also be more items to buy using Nook Miles, such as the inventory upgrade that costs 8,000 Miles.

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