Animal Crossing : New Horizons How to unlock the Amiibo

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If you have some Amiibo's Animal Crossing on your shelf that are gathering dust from the era of WiiU and 3DS, know that thanks to New Horizons you can finally reuse them.

What Amiibo do in New Horizons

The use of asbestos on New Horizons are a small addition that can help you complete some goals. Mainly thanks to their use you can do two things: invite new villagers to visit you on your island and use them in Photopia mode to create original screenshots.

In order to recruit new animals you will need to place your camp, at which point several animals will come to visit you randomly while spending their holidays on your island. If they like it enough they will ask you if they can move into one of the houses on a permanent basis.

How to unlock the Amiibo on Animal Crossing : New Horizons

Say cheese!

If the option to use the Amiibo is not present in the Nook Stop Machine (that kind of ATM in your tent) means that you have to progress further in the game until the tent has become a building and your island is fully developed. Once the option is unlocked, you just need to bring the asbestos closer to the right Joy-Con (or the right end of the Switch Lite) as you do in the other games.

Of course characters who can't become residents won't work while if you try to invite someone already on the island something funny will happen.

Once you unlock the island of Harv you will be able to access the photo set. Open the screen to organize the scenario activate the asbestos as above and the characters will appear in Photopia. Unlike the Nook Stop Machine in this mode the option for the amiibo will be available immediately and all the figurines or cards will be used to make characters or objects appear.

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