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The new chapter in the popular Nintendo Animal Crossing saga begins with a very special choice: which desert island do we go on holiday to? Tom Nook and his travel agency will show the player four choices after having him fill out a questionnaire, but rest assured, there is much more to choose from.

How many islands are there?

The answer is this first question is: more than four. Tom Nook will provide the player with four types of islands after trying to capture his psychological profile through a simple questionnaire. Once the questions are completed you can restart the process after seeing the islands and, by answering differently, you will get four more territories to explore and appreciate.

The community of Animal Crossing In any case, she got to work and pulled out a list of maps representing all the islands that can be obtained with the various questions of the questionnaire; we do not know if the list is all-inclusive but it does not matter.

Going to analyze the various islands it is possible instead to grasp the differences between one island and another.

All the islands will have the same basic resources: trees, stones, flowers and basic buildings are the standard of the package that Tom Nook has sold us, not forgetting the services for the inhabitants or the airport. The only thing that will vary will be the positioning of these within the space, in order to differentiate each lot from the previous one.

The area destined to become the town square is marked on the game map with the symbol of the leaf of Animal Crossing while the airport is nothing but the grey air in the immediate vicinity of this symbol. Everything else will change in one way or another depending on the layout you have chosen to create your relaxation island.

What is the best layout of the island?

Now let's think together: what is the best possible layout for our island?

The answer is also quite trivial: there is no real concept of better. Each island has the same amount of basic resources and there's no configuration that allows the player to break the balance masterfully thought out by Nintendo.

Initially you will have access to the piece of island with services for residents, the airport, the beach, trees and numerous rocks. This area will have the task of making the player collect numerous resources to use later within the crafting.

By crafting items the player will have the opportunity to create the tools needed to cross rivers and unlock a subsequent piece of the island, a real hub for other biomes and other resources. Continuing to accumulate resources you will then get objects such as ladders (to climb the slopes) and so on.

As we said above, each island has the same basic configuration. This means that initially you will have access to a piece of the island that has the village square and the tent of services for residents, the airport, a good amount of beach, a bunch of trees and some rocks.

This means that you will have everything you need to collect the resources to do some crafting. In a short time you will have a means to cross the rivers and unlock another piece of the island that will give you access to other parts of the island. Then, later, you'll open the vehicle to create a ladder to climb the slopes.

Compared to the previous chapters of the saga the progression is more guided and more linear, the idea of changing the layout of the island to get extra things for yourself before time is therefore wrong.

Don't worry about the position of the rocks and the position of the trees because these resources are renewable and will reappear a few days after you take advantage of them for the first time.

How do I analyze the proposed layouts?

You're looking at the list of islands Tom Nook can send you to, what do you do?

Well, first look at the maps pulled out of the famous raccoon and start thinking.

Are the services and the airport in a favourable position compared to where I want to pitch my tent? Am I a lonely person and want to live a hermit's life or do I want to be as comfortable as possible ? What kind of video game player do I think I am?

Just know that the center of life on the island is given by the square and that this place will always be the most crowded of all those present on the atoll.

Once established on the island it is important to consider the position of the rivers that will, in fact, cut the island in different areas.
An island with many rivers will certainly be more fragmented than another and will have less space to build any buildings and to get to know other inhabitants. Fortunately going much further in the game it will be possible to actually reshape the geography of the island through the construction of bridges, dams and in general through the displacement of natural elements.

Fortunately, the title allows the player to manually place almost everything: houses, shops, objects and so on, also giving the possibility to move it all at a later time paying a small fee. There will always be a way to remedy your mistakes and going forward you can change the appearance of your island by changing its structure.

The only thing we advise you to pay attention to is the name of the island; it cannot be changed and for each Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing : New Horizons allows the creation of a single island.

Other variables to consider when choosing the island.

Some elements of the island are completely random, regardless of the layout chosen. The only way to change these elements once you start a game is to delete your save and go through the creation process again.

One of these elements is definitely the type of fruit. Starting a game in Animal Crossing : New Horizons you will have access to only one type of fruit and spending miles you can buy plane tickets to visit other islands (chosen randomly). Taking from there foreign fruit you will be able to import the seed within your territory and then cultivate it and make the new food proliferate. Selling foreign fruit is a great way to make money while you are there.

Start a game of Animal Crossing : New Horizons you will initially have only two roommates on the island. The identity of the roommate will be random for each island and later, thanks to the presence of special functions such as camping or amibo, you will be able to recruit other characters for your holidays.

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