Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Guide Where & How

Of all the pastimes of Animal Crossing : New Horizons fishing is among the most fun and important.

Living on a peninsula will give you the opportunity to catch lots of fish that you can sell, give them to the museum, give them to the villagers and display them as trophies. It's up to you.

How to catch fish

To catch a fish you will find a characteristically shaped shadow on the water, equip the fishing rod.

In front of the water press button A and cast the line, as soon as the float will sink to the surface of the water quickly press button A to wrap the fish, do not be too fast or too slow otherwise you will scare the fish and escape.


The first fishing rod is: "fragile fishing rod", which can be improved on a DIY bench, don't think too much about which rod is better, as soon as one breaks you can reassemble it at the DIY bench or buy a new one at Nook's Cranny.

Best fishing locations

There are three types of fishing environments: the ocean, the river and the pond. The river is divided into three parts: river mouth, river reef and river, ocean means the wooden pier that is located on your small island (but not the pier leading to the airport).

Salmon can be found at the mouth of the river which is the point where it meets the ocean, while others like cherry salmon can be found on the cliff.


The climate does not influence the catch (as for insects) but the increase in the number of fish you can find, for example you can only find Latimeria when it rains or snows.

Basically, in winter and on rainy days you will have more chances to catch more fish.


Manage the shadow

The shadows of the fish appear in different sizes, they can be super small, small, medium, large or super large. The long, lean shadows are the eels, which you can catch safely.

If you see the shadow of a finned fish, well, it's a shark! You'll need a very short reaction time to catch it, it's worth a lot of bells and don't miss them.

Day and Time are important

Animal Crossing is synchronized with the real world (or your nintendo switch) so the fish will appear at certain times and months.

To catch them all you'll have to play at different times of the day and...all year round, so bookmark this guide, the table will come in handy!

Table of all fish by time and season

As opposed to Animal Crossing : New Leaf there are 80 fish (8 more!), the fish reproduce in certain periods and we have the exact list for fishing (both northern and southern hemisphere) and dates and times of reproduction.

In addition, you will also know how much it will yield in terms of bells to the sale, here is the table (which concerns our hemisphere, the North one):

AnchovyAll year roundOcean4:00 – 21:00200
Angel FishFrom May to OctoberRiver4:00 – 21:003.000
ArowanaFrom June to SeptemberRiver4:00 – 21:0010.000
Parrot FishMarch - NovemberOceanAll day long5.000
BarreleyeAll year roundOcean21:00 – 4:00
Fish FighterMay - OctoberRiver21:00 – 4:002,500
Rodeo AmaroNovember - MarchRiverAll day long900
Persian TroutAll year roundRiverAll day long400
BlowfishNovember to FebruaryOcean21:00 – 4:005,000
Blue MarlinNov., Apr., July, Sept.PierAll day long10,000
Lepomis macrochirusAll year roundRiver21:00 – 4:00180
CarpAll year roundRiverAll day long300
CatfishFrom Mag - OctPond 4:00 – 21:00800
Arctic charMarch, June, Sept. and Nov.River 4:00 – 21:003,800
Japanese Salmon March, June, Sept. and Nov.River (cliff)All day long1,000
ClownfishFrom April to September.OceanAll day long650
CoelacanthAll year round Ocean (when it rains)All day long15,000
freshwater crayfish April to September.PondAll day long200
common carassian All year round RiverAll day long160
plaiceOct. to Apr. OceanAll day long300
leucisco All year round River4:00 – 21:00240
abysmal fishFrom Nov. to March Ocean4:00 – 21:002,500
goby All year round River4:00 – 21:00400
gilt troutTue - May - Sep - Oct. - Nov. River (cliff)4:00 – 21:0015,000
goldfish All year roundPondAll day long1,300
GuppyApr to Nov. River21:00 – 4:001,300
Hammerhead SharkJune to September. Ocean4:00 – 21:008,000
Horse Mackerel All year round OceanAll day long150
King SalmonSeptember River (mouth)All day long1,800
Koi All year roundPond4:00 – 21:004,000
LoachTue - Apr - May RiverAll day long400
Chinese crabSept to Nov River4:00 – 21:002,000
moray eelAugust to Oct. OceanAll day long2,000
neon fishFrom Apr. to Nov. River4:00 – 16:00500
Remus FishFrom December to May OceanAll day long 9,000
sunfishJuly to September. Ocean09:00 – 16:004,000
Sole All year round OceanAll day long800
cyprinid All year round River09 – 16:00200
northern pikeFrom Sept. to Dec. RiverAll day long1,800
PiranhaJune to September. River 09:00 – 16:002,500
pingoFrom Dic. to Febb. RiverAll day long320
telescope fish All year roundPond 09:00 – 16:001,300
pufferfishJuly to September. OceanAll day long250
Rainbow fishFrom Mag. to Ott. River9 – 16:00800
Goldfish Ranchu All year roundPond9 – 16:004,500
breedFrom August to November. Ocean 04:00 – 21:003,000
colisa All year round OceanAll day long3,000
moray eelJuly to Oct. OceanAll day long600
SalmonSeptember River (Mouth)All day long700
bass bassalone All year round OceanAll day long400
cabbageFrom Dec. to March OceanAll day long1,000
hippocampusApril to Nov. OceanAll day long1,100
TurtleAugust to September. River 4:00 – 21:003,750
SquidFrom December to August OceanAll day long500
spur From December to March River (cliff) 4:00 – 21:0015,000
sturgeonFrom Sept. to MarchRiver (mouth)All day long10,000
qualmsJune to September. OceanAll day long1,500
ayuFrom July to September RiverAll day long900
tadpoleFrom March to JulyPondAll day long100
TilapiaFrom June to October RiverAll day long800
Tuna Nov - AprPierAll day long7,000
SharkWe don't know.OceanWe don't know- – – –
yellow perch April to September. OceanAll day long300
zebra lionApril, May, July to Nov.OceanAll day long500

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