Animal Crossing: New Horizons 11 Things to do Every Day

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In a life sim like Animal Crossing this, constancy and the ability to create a routine are essential to ensure long-term results and never sit on your hands. Here is a list of activities to do every day.

1 Hit all the rocks

It may sound like a suggestion from Minecraft but even in this case collecting resources of this kind (and especially money) is vital. So hit the various boulders several times to collect the different materials. To speed up the process dig two holes with the shovel behind you so as to avoid the animation of "bounce" after each shot.

2 Search Fossils

Take your shovel and look for cracks in the ground to find the fossils, once you've collected them all take them to the museum and donate them to Blathers or if you're economically tight sell them.

3 Check the Nook Stop Machine

Forget about choosing from a selection of items every day and you'll receive an increasing bonus of Miles every first time you enter the museum.

4 Talk to all Villagers

Not that you need a guide to perform one of the main actions of Animal Crossing , but it is good to remember that greeting your Villagers every day will reward you with 200 Miles and in the long run could provide you with additional rewards from each character.

5 Check out Timmy's store

Timmy will give you access to his shop simply by talking to him and offering you new items every day. After you have built the shop, Timmy and Tommy will offer you some items in evidence, if you sell them to them they will offer you twice the usual selling price.

6 Take a walk on the beach

Strolling on the beach you will find different items such as shells to sell, bottles with recipes inside them or characters like Gulliver. In this case talk to him until he wakes up to receive his communicator's mission.

7 Visitors

Like Gulliver, some of the characters might pop up on your island. Each one of them will show up with a stall but it's up to you to find them as the game won't give you any warning.

8 Bright Points

During your explorations you may run into some bright spots on the ground, dig there to find 1000 Stars. The ditch you have just dug will remain bright, if you bury a bag of money in it it it will create a tree of coins within a few days.

9 Picking and selling fruit

The easiest way to make money is surely to sell the fruit you will pick on your island. If you find some fruit from outside islands it is advisable to plant it before selling it so that you have your own reserve of exotic fruit.

10 Hitting the trees

Hitting trees with an axe will provide you with different types of wood with which to make objects while shaking them with your bare hands will provide you with fruits, coins or even objects. If you are unlucky a wasp's nest will fall on your head but if you have the net with you not all evil comes to harm.

11 Explore unknown islands

As long as you have money to buy tickets you can explore several uninhabited islands. Visiting them every day can provide pleasant surprises such as extra coins or special rewards.

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