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Today we return to talk about Angry Birds, a franchise that has changed the world of mobile gaming. The title we face, specifically, is Angry Birds Match , a curious puzzle game in which (for once) we will not have to throw birds / bomb against the classic green pigs. Want to discover some tricks or tips to get off on the right foot? Great, let's get started!

Moves on moves

Some games similar to Angry Birds Match impose a limit of moves on the user, but don't worry. In this title, by completing the level with a few moves you'll get extra coins, that's true, but by using more you won't suffer any special penalties or limitations. Take your time, try different strategies and come to the end as a winner!

Premium Chest

The premium chest costs 20 gems and inside it has two star outfits in addition to coins and random bossters. Our advice, therefore, is to save your gems for these chests since the outfits inside them are extremely important in the game (they allow you to get a lot of coins in the long run).


Entering the second game world you will start to encounter obstacles of various kinds such as boulders and boulders. These must necessarily be hit at least twice, so the ideal is to concentrate right away to destroy them as soon as possible. This will also clear the field and you'll have more room to manoeuvre.

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