Angry Birds Dream Blast - Tricks and Tips for Winning

Tricks Angry Birds Dream Blast | Take the infamous birds created by Rovio and smash them against lots of bubbles > Google Play | App Store.

Angry Birds Dream Blast - General Tips

Each level will not only ask you to burst bubbles, but also to complete more particular tasks. These level requirements can be anything from dissipating a cloud to not breaking falling eggs. Here are some general tips to finish the levels faster:

  • Pig Locks: These weird-looking locks unlock once you've collected all the bubbles needed for action, this will also trigger the second booster by decreasing the moves you use.
  • The bird boosters trigger in mid-air, so be careful if you activate 2 or more at the same time.
  • Watch out for the windmill: it will mix the bubbles that remain within its range, so you can use it to your advantage and try to let it take the bubbles where you want them to be.
  • If there is a windmill in the level, you don't need to hurry to finish the level. You can wait until he completes his tour, and then eliminate the bubbles in the position where he left them.

Angry Birds Dream Blast unlimited free coins

There are numerous methods to get them, and also incredibly easy. As in almost all games of this type, you can buy currency in game with real money, however the free methods to get gold coins are undoubtedly better for our wallet.

One way to get free gold coins is to level up. Every time you level up, you'll get a couple of coins, as well as other items (such as upgrades and endless lives that last a certain amount of time).

Another way to get them is to open the chests that appear after a couple of levels.

The third way to get free gold coins is to display an ad. You'll often have the chance to watch an ad in exchange for a random item, whether it's life, upgrades or coins.

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