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It is possible to face the campaign - single player - of Aliens vs. Predator by choosing different game difficulties, but first of all three different characters: a Marine, a Predator or an Aliens. The adventure depending on the character chosen varies, in this guide we will first provide you with the solution to the campaign faced as a Marine - among the three available, certainly the longest and most interesting of the adventures.


After the long film where we'll see a lot, but hear even more, we'll find ourselves on a stretcher inside a garage, actually more like a warehouse. Let's listen to the words of Tequila who will guide us in a short tutorial on the use of the game controls, the skills of our Marine and the use of his equipment - the stimulant kits to keep us healthy, the torch for the dark places, the flare to illuminate a larger area for a few seconds and all the rest.

Once we get the controls as soon as we get up from the stretcher, we will have to go to retrieve in front of us a stimulant kit, then we continue on the left as soon as Tequila will activate on our position indicator a locator that will allow us to reach the meeting point. As soon as this happens, let's go left and move inside the maze without problems, for the moment there will be no enemies to face. We continue between the shelves until we reach a gas cylinder - at the same time Tequila will greet us and tell us that its presence is necessary at the refinery. Then we shoot the cylinder to open the passage, then we go down the stairs to floor 1 below Block A. We continue along the main corridor paying attention to the left where a piece of iron will fall releasing a powerful jet of air that if not avoided can cause us a lot of damage - through this the system will explain that on our position indicator are shown the enemies through intermittent blips. Once past the fallen grate we go to the right and immediately afterwards to the left reaching a half-closed door to interact with and not worry about the sounds we'll hear from inside, the enemies will leave before we enter. Passed the door we go to the left and interact with the power switch that will give light to the place and unlock for us a new goal, which is to enter the colony. Nothing simpler, in fact, we just have to go back to the stairs that gave us access to this floor and once you go up go left exiting the building.

Once outside, the new target we will be assigned is to reach the operations room. We then continue straight on to the parapet, after which we enter the building on the right and follow the corridor - diverting inside the rooms when the corridor is blocked by dangerous electrical wires that discharge lightning bolts. Once we reach the upper floor, we enter the area protected by glass and interact again with the electrical panels following the commands given by Tequila. Unfortunately, however, the attempt to reset the systems will not succeed and a presence will also arrive in the area. Once we are back on our feet, we leave the room and reach the door interacting with it. To our misfortune, on the other side of the door is an Aliens that Tequila will momentarily move away. Let's move then to the door on the left and from here we look to the right advancing very slowly until we see the Aliens running against us. At this point we will have to face our first Aliens, which requires speed and despite the situation, calm. We immediately launch flares to illuminate the corridor and unload three shots on the enemy with the secondary fire button. We also press the buttons that appear on the screen when required so as to avoid the Aliens' close shots. Also, never forget that the creature's blood is harmful to humans, so we avoid shooting if the enemy is too close to us.

Once we get rid of the Aliens we'll have to reach Tequila - which is actually a Corporal and not just any guide.
- that's in Administration. We then continue down the corridor and, if we are interested, we collect the first diary of the many audio journals in the game. Once this is done we go around the shelves and go outside continuing on the right so as to descend inside a tunnel at the end of which we will hear other Aliens and Marines fighting. Once we reach the big portcullis, however, we quickly turn back and launch a flare on the opposite corner in order to immediately illuminate the Aliens that will come against us. As before, we use the second fire button to quickly fire three shots at the enemy and press the on-screen buttons when they appear to avoid being eaten by the horrible creature. Once our enemy has been eliminated, the big sluice that used to cut us off will open, we collect another audio diary and the various ammunition and stimulant kits in the open air. After collecting everything we continue on the left and turn right at the end entering the D block, the administrative one where we should find Tequila. We continue on the left without any worries despite what Tequila will tell us and once inside the room let's first approach the door on the left, after which we go right to collect yet another voice diary and the power group for the generator in order to open the door that separates us from the Corporal.

Once inside the room with the corporal, we pick up the pulse rifle on the table, the ammunition behind the desk and stand for a few minutes listening to the woman. During the speeches the Corporal will be contacted by another group of Marines who will first inform about the reactivation of the club and then request support to defend themselves from the Aliens attack. Once we have completed our communications - and taken our weapon and ammunition - we leave the Tequila room and go immediately to the right to return to the corridor. Here we launch a flare at the bottom and prepare to face a new Aliens that fortunately, thanks to the new weapon, will be easily beatable. From the corridor we go back out in the open and reach the previous area that was blocked by the shutter and here we go on the left going down one floor the structure - just follow the arrow on the position indicator and the volume of the music. Once we reach the lift we continue on in total tranquillity, despite the fact that the show has very little to offer. From here we reach the second floor of the club with the internal lift and move to the right reaching the lifeless bodies of the team members. We then remain in position and listen to the communications of Private Gibson and Tequila, after which we take the flares and prepare for a hard fight.

In the area will arrive, generally never in groups greater than three, however, a scarce dozen of Xenomorphs - this is the name of the Aliens - that we will have to deal with by taking full advantage of our pulse rifle obtained shortly before by Tequila. So we arm the weapon to the maximum and continuously discharge shots on the enemies until they are on the ground lifeless. It's also very important to avoid being cornered, so let's move continuously along the entire balustrade of the club - along the balustrade will also be available ammunition in case the rifle is unloaded. Once all the Aliens have been eliminated, Tequila will open the elevator again, let's catch it on the fly and rejoin the rest of the Marines as we move quietly, for the moment the enemies have stopped trying to kill us - as soon as we get out of the elevator we can retrieve another diary on the table in front of us. Once we reach the first of the Marines, head up the stairs and up to the third level where the security systems will start to jump. From the third floor we collect the ammunition and grenades near the turret, then we quickly descend the stairs to the ground floor where we will have to interact with the computer to get the Xenomorph turret up and running again. After this we launch a grenade in the left corner - door side - of the room and we grab the rifle in case the Aliens comes out unharmed from the duct despite the explosion of the grenade. Eliminated the enemy we return to the fourth level and we take out a second lizard waiting for Tequila to contact us again.

As soon as Tequila will contact us informing us that a new team is reaching us, other Xenomorphs will reach us and a little 'as we have already done inside the Club Eden (but with far fewer enemies to take out), we will have to do nothing more than eliminate the enemies ensuring that we never stay still or blocked, but always moving. As soon as we've eliminated the enemies, we go back to the top of the fourth level where the turret is - if we haven't caught them yet, we pick up ammunition and grenades - then we stay close to the turret and watch for their bad luck the end of the Charlie team and the only survivor of the previous attack. Here, despite the presence of the turret we will have to shoot and a lot, the enemies will come in mass and eliminate them all will be impossible. As soon as Tequila informs us of the opening of the door, let's turn on ourselves and running down a single flight of stairs, going into the tunnel on the left and here we stand next to the door of the elevator launching flare and firing bullets until the elevator will come and save us.

Once inside the elevator, we reload the weapon and bring our health back to maximum, after which we collect what is available in the sewer access. From here we will have to make a short route to the mother ship, Tequila in fact decided to leave the station and the shortest way between us and the ship passes through the sewers. We can face this passage in two different ways: escape without shame or escape with pride. In the first case, let's run away running and overtaking the Xenomorphs, whether they chase us or not. In the second case we'll be able to waste a few unnecessary blows on the Aliens more out of pride as a fighter than anything else. Whichever way we choose, we run to the vanishing point.

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