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From the position of the weapon we go right and enter the building following the only available road. Once we reach the room with the eggs we shoot the little Xenomorph that will arrive on the ground and then we approach the generator at the end of the room that requires a power supply. We then return to the corridor and continue on the right to collect the power supply after which we go back, insert the power supply into the generator and leave the room to reach the elevator that Tequila has set in motion for us. Once we've completed the upward journey we continue forward and eliminate yet another small Xenomorph in the room with the large window after which we go into the dark room on the left to collect a diary and go out immediately afterwards outdoors to interact with the antenna so that Tequila can have more control over the system. At this point we go back, go down the stairs and reach the elevator - don't worry about the enemy in the corridor, we'll get to the elevator first - taking us back almost to the exit of the mines, but turning left first to cross a bridge that allows us to reach the next block.

Reachedthe bridge we will receive a welcome from very unpleasant neighbors, from the opposite mine in fact will come out a dozen poor Xenomorphs, so move back slowly and shoot with the secondary fire button to the gas cylinders placed on the bridge so as to eliminate as many enemies in a short time. The rest of the group instead we will have to deal with it directly, but the weapon collected previously will be of great help to us being a shotgun. Eliminated all the enemies, we turn around the area in order to collect ammunition and the diary, then we penetrate the mines and follow the path to the elevator that must be hacked in order to work. Obviously while waiting we will be attacked by Xenomorphs, so let's defend ourselves by also collecting grenades on the ground and take out all the enemies in order to finish the hack and be able to continue in the elevator. Eliminated the Aliens we recover the hacking device and enter inside the elevator that will take us to the top. Here we collect weapons and ammunition, then we continue on the left so we can reach the computer, interact with it and listen to Tequila's words.

Once the discussions are over, we go back and continue along the corridor on the right - the one opposite the room with the computer - in order to enter the refinery. Once we reach the hall with the big generators we pay attention to three Xenomorphs, move slowly and use the flares to spot them and take them out - don't forget to always advance. Once we reach the corridor after the first set of generators we go first left for a diary and then right to continue. From here we follow the marker until we hear a jumping grate behind us. Right now we turn around and take out the Xenomorph using the shotgun. After this we will reach a tunnel and immediately after a series of stairs - on which we will find a flamethrower, a weapon to take at any cost, even to abandon the rifle. Having taken the weapon we continue to the hive destroying the eggs and the little Aliens. After that we reach Van Zandt trapped in the tree and listen to his words. At the end of his words, we take the gun and kill the officer following his demands and immediately afterwards we eliminate the four Xenomorphs that will arrive in the area. Once the enemies are eliminated, we reach the elevator activated by Tequila and once at the top we shoot the Xenon in front of us who will not move from position until we exit the elevator.

Once outside we continue forward, eliminate a second Xenon and go down to retrieve - if necessary - a couple of stimulant kits after which we first enter the room on the left to retrieve ammunition and weapons and then the room on the right where, in addition to the usual weapons and ammunition, we will also find access to the Xenon Queen. Here the fight will be divided into three phases. In the first one we'll have to destroy the eggs so that we don't find the little Xenons stuck on our faces - during this phase Tequila will also give energy to the area again in order to attack the Queen. Destroyed most of the eggs - in the meantime we retrieve weapons and stimulant kits in the area - we reach the platform and interact with the lever so as to turn on the furnace and done this we start shooting with the machine gun at the tanks on the left and right of the Queen until they are blown up. During this attack the Xenomorphs will obviously come to the area to defend their Queen. Let's not consider them if not necessary, it is important to blow up the tanks first. Once that's done, let's start with the Xeno until Tequila tells us to interact with the lever again. At this point, we leave the Xeno and reach the platform so we can blow up everything, including the queen.


Once past the gate we will be contacted by Katya, a woman who will ask us to put the complex back into operation. We then go to the left to verify the absence of the battery in the power supply, then we go back outside and enter the small building on the right where the battery is located, but before we take it we eliminate the Xenon in the room. After that we take the battery, take it to the power supply and go through the doors to the upper floor where we'll have to interact with a computer - not before we've taken out a Xenon that's hiding in the area to the right of the room. Once the enemy has been eliminated and the power restored, a Xenon will attack the glass of the room, but in a flash a Predator will fire and eliminate the enemy. At this point we leave the structure and start running by turning first to the right and then to the left to get out of the field. Let's move quickly without watching the lasers moving because they are the targeting lasers of the Predator that has chosen to hunt us too and no longer just the Xenons.

Once past the exit Katya will continue to talk to us to close communications shortly after to allow us to concentrate on the fight. From this moment on we pay attention because once we reach a large gate we'll have to fight a group of Xeno first and then illegal android soldiers. The latter are not easy enemies to take out, the only weak point are the unprotected limbs, so let's aim at them and before it's too late open the gate interacting with the lever on the left and slip into the tunnel on the left inside the garage - avoid fighting with androids, they are certainly slow, but still very powerful.


This action - we had never done it - will cause us to be attacked by a Predator. Beating in Predator is by no means a simple thing and we will necessarily need two weapons: a sniper rifle to hit it from a distance and the shotgun from which to exploit the secondary attack to cause as much damage as possible in our enemy. Obtained the weapons you must begin to understand how to kill and especially how to recognize a Predator. Starting from the second point, the Predator during the attack is always visible, this can not shoot if you do not show and if you show to shoot we will always see red lasers that if followed will lead us to the position of the enemy. When it is moving, the Predator is recognizable because its position distorts slightly reflections and magnitude of what surrounds it. So when we understand how to recognize the Predator, we move on to the second phase, which is to kill it. Our enemy has two bars of life, the first in blue indicates the power of his armor, the second in red his life. In order to take out the Predator we will first have to shoot him from a distance so as to reset the armor as much as possible and as soon as this value is low, use the shotgun with secondary fire at a very short distance so as to do as much damage as possible in a single shot. At this shot the enemy will always run away, returning his armor to other values and forcing us to start tactics again each time.

Understood the system to eliminate the Predator, let's hit it until it is eliminated, after which will open an area that will allow us to return to the top and reach the cabin, this time open, where we can collect ammunition and interact with the command console to locate Tequila. After this Katya will open a second door that gives us access to the internal structure of the ruins, we continue along the tunnel eliminating the various Xenons in the area until we reach Tequila taken prisoner by the Aliens. Here, after eliminating the enemies that will arrive in fleets, we release Tequila trusting that Katya is able to eliminate the parasite from our superior.


Once the corridor is cleared, we descend with the elevator and interact with the computer controls to open the passage to Wayland and the Pyramid. Once the computer work is finished we leave the hall, we eliminate the little Xeno and we leave the structure following the external walkway where we will be attacked by two Xenons that can be easily eliminated. We continue immediately afterwards until the freight elevator, wait for this to take us to the lower floor and here we walk along the walkway opposite to the one from which we arrived eliminating four other Xenons that will attack us. After we take out the enemy, we enter the room on the right, retrieve our weapons and load up with the maximum amount of ammunition - we also abandon the sniper rifle for the pump gun - and continue along the corridors until we reach another room where we will see a Xenon at work on a scientist. We continue without worrying about the enemy, we retrieve the grenades and move on.

Past the last door we will find ourselves practically in the room after the one with the oviparous tentacle of the Queen of Xenons and here we will be attacked by a Xenon different from those already faced called Praetorian. It's a species larger in size, more powerful and definitely more aggressive than normal Xenons and the best way to take out this beast is by exploiting the shotgun with the secondary shot when the enemy is close or the grenades in the machine gun when the Xenon is far away. Obviously there'll be other normal Xenons to give the giant a boost and they'll attack us to disturb the fire towards the enemy's major. Once the "big cockroach" and his traveling companions have been eliminated, all we have to do is reach the big freight elevator to the left and climb on top of it, preparing for a confrontation with Wayland.

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