Alien Trilogy PS1 cheats and codes

Alien Trilogy it's a video game first-person shooter genre that essentially traces the plot of the first three chapters of the Alien saga. The video game, which dates back to 1996, was developed by Probe Entertainment and produced by the Acclaim Entertainment to PlayStation, Sega Saturn and MS-DOS.

Alien Trilogy develops in well 30 levels, each of whichi represents a scene from a movie. The enemies, the Xenomorphs, can be killed using various types of weapons, such as 9mm pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, smartguns and pulse rifles. In addition to weapons, many ammunition and various items can also be recovered, such as level maps, adrenaline serums, medical kits to restore energy and so on. 
In the versions for PlayStation and Sega Saturn the game could be saved in the presence of a special memory card. In the absence of the latter, the selection of levels was made through codes that had to be transcribed at the end of the level and then inserted in the main menu under Options.

With this code you can jump into the fray immediately. At the password screen, enter “G0LVL” followed by the level you wish to play at. For example, “G0LVL14” for level 14. If you do the trick correctly, you will see “Cheat Enabled” appear.

For all weapons, unlimited firepower, invincibility and access to each level, enter the following password:

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