Alien Soldier Sega Mega Drive passwords and tricks

Alien Soldier it's a video game developed in 1995 by Treasure to Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. The game was normally distributed in Japan and PAL markets, while in North America it was only made available through the Sega Channel service.

The story tells the story of the powerful Epsilon-Eagle, who after being nearly killed is determined to get the right revenge. His goal is also to save the planet and to do this he has a series of deadly weapons and special moves that the player must know well in order to complete the game. Many of the ideas present in Alien Soldier are borrowed from Treasure's previous effort, the famous and beautiful Gunstar Heroes.
Alien Soldier, however, places particular emphasis on fighting the end level boss, with the normal, short and rather easy levels, most often serving as simple interludes. The internships are a total of twenty-five while the bosses even 31, a truly exorbitant number. There are two difficulty levels of the video game: “Supereasy” and “Superhard”. While the two names may be deceiving, hard mode is only slightly more difficult than normal. On the other hand, while the Easy mode provides that there are password and continue, in the toughest one these options are not contemplated.


Stage 01 - 1985
Stage 02 - 3698
Stage 03 - 0257
Stage 04 - 3745
Stage 05 - 7551
Stage 06 - 8790
Stage 07 - 5196
Stage 08 - 4569
Stage 09 - 8091
Stage 10 - 8316
Stage 11 - 6402
Stage 12 - 9874
Stage 13 - 1930
Stage 14 - 2623
Stage 15 - 6385
Stage 16 - 7749
Stage 17 - 3278
Stage 18 - 1039
Stage 19 - 9002
Stage 20 - 2878
Stage 21 - 3894
Stage 22 - 4913
Stage 23 - 2852
Stage 24 - 7406
Stage 25 - 5289

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