Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Sega Master System cheats and codes

Alex Kidd in Miracle World is a genre video game platform published in Japan (and later also in North America and Europe) in 1986 for Sega Master System, the 8-bit console of the house.

Since Alex Kidd in Miracle World came

 distributed integrated in some versions of the console, it soon became one of the most popular titles for Master System. The plot of the videogame is the following: you play as Alex Kidd, a blond-haired boy looking for his brother Egle, captured by the bad guy of the day, known by the name "Jenken the Great", Jenken the Great.
As Alex you will find yourself challenging numerous and fearsome monsters, up to the final challenge with Jenken, who is at the sixteenth level of the game. If you've never managed to complete this beautiful platform game that made the history of the Master System, here are the tricks you need.


If you lose all lives, run out of CONTINUES, have over $ 800 available and want to continue playing, press “UP” on the D-Pad and press Button 2 8 times.

Here's how to defeat the Janken bosses when playing against them, without having to fight in case you lose.

1st: Choose Rock in the first game, then Scissor in the second.
2nd: Scissor, then Paper
3rd: Rock, then Scissor
4th: Card, then Card
5th: Sasso, then Sasso
6th: Rock, then scissor
7th: Card, then Card.

You must follow this order exactly, otherwise the sequence will be different.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Sega Master System


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