Age of Mythology PC cheats

Age of Mythology is a real-time strategy video game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios for PC in the year 2002.

Inspired by the popular Age of Empires game series, the game combines skillfully fantasy and historical elements typical of peoples who can be controlled. We therefore find divinities of various kinds, superior entities, supernatural creatures and many elements that recall the most famous civilizations of ancient times. In Age of Mythology you can play the single campaign, which is called Fall of the Trident.
Much longer than previous campaigns, this campaign boasts 32 levels. The protagonist of the game is Arkantos, a hero of Atlantis who, during the game, will also lead Egyptian and Northern European armies. Some of the missions take place in the underworld instead. Then there is the online game mode, but also that in the local network and in total in Age of Mythology up to 12 players are supported.


To activate these codes, press ENTER, enter the code and press ENTER again. Codes must be in uppercase.
JUNK FOOD NIGHT - 1000 units of food
TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE - 1000 wood units
IN DARKEST NIGHT - Change the game time to become nocturnal
ASCENDANT SET - Control the animals on the map
ATM OF EREBUS - 1000 gold units
I WANT TEH MONKEYS !!! 1! - He makes monkeys available to you
RED TIDE - Makes the water red
LAY OF THE LAND - Reveal the map
THRILL OF VICTORY - Win the game

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