Age of Empires PC cheats and codes

Age of Empires it's a strategic videogame in real time developed by Ensemble Studios and distributed by Microsoft Game Studios in 1997 for PC for which we provide you with some tricks and codes below.

A series that ended in 2007 with Age of Empires III but returned to new life after the recent announcement of the arrival of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, version in 4K scheduled for the end of 2017. A very successful series, that of AoE, sold overall in about 20 million copies internationally. In Age of Empires you take the control of a civilization, an empire in fact, starting from the Stone Age and reaching the present day. You have to go through various historical eras, reaching the Iron Age and clashing with opposing computer controlled civilizations.
This RTS (Real Time Strategy) has two modes: the classic campaign, whose games are linked together, and the skirmish mode, made up of single games configured by the player. Age of Empires is particularly exciting as it wisely combines the managerial part (it is in fact necessary to collect raw materials such as gold, wood, stone, etc. ..) and better organize your troops.

Collecting the necessary resources you can move forward in the epoch, passing from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic, up to the Bronze and Iron Age. As the player progresses and advances from age to age, he will have new weapons, troops and buildings at his disposal.


CTRL + Q - Fast construction
CTRL + C - See the ending
PEPPERONI PIZZA - 1000 units of food
COINAGE - 1000 gold units
QUARRY - 1000 stone units
WOODSTOCK - 1000 wood units
DIEDIEDIE - All enemy units die
NO FOG - Removes fog
REVEAL MAP - Reveal the map

Age of Empires


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