Advance Wars - GameBoy Advance cheats and codes

Advance Wars it's a turn-based strategic video game developed by Intelligent Systems to Game Boy Advance in 2001.

This is the first chapter of a series that also includes the sequels Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Advance Wars: Dual Strike and Advance Wars: Dark Conflict. Set on the continent of Cosmoland, Advance Wars sees allied nations attacked seemingly for no reason by Andy, the emerging commanding officer of the state of Orange Star.
Given the attack, all alliances are broken and there is total war between the nations of the world, with Orange Star being targeted by offensive actions of any kind. The alleged aggressor state is still unaware of the reason for so much hatred and fury towards it and reacts as normal in these cases, counterattacking and opening investigations into the reason for the war. Advance Wars goal is to defeat the enemy troops, progressing gradually through history and facing ever new maps.

In addition to defeating the units, you must also conquer the enemy Headquarters, but in the Campaign mode other conditions are required, such as winning within a given number of turns or resisting enemy assaults for a certain amount of time or turns.


Hold down the B key during your turn to enable "Ghost" mode.

To clear all saved games, turn on your Game Boy Advance and press and hold the RIGHT, L and SELECT buttons simultaneously. Be careful not to accidentally delete the data you want to keep.

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