AC: Odyssey: How to Find the Arena and Become Champion

In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey there's an arena where you can fight Champions and Mercenaries. To become the champion yourself you must defeat all 5 main opponents.

The Arena is located in the region of Pephka, which is the large island in the lower right corner of the map. Here below you can see the precise location of the Arena.

There's an arena-related mission called They Just Want Cruelty. During the story, some mercenaries leave a note about this place, so your character will realize the existence of the Arena, unfortunately the exact location is not specified, forcing the player to look a bit 'at random.

You can sail to Pephka at any time after Sequence 2, but we warn you that the enemies in the arena start at fairly high levels, from level 22 to level 50.

On this island there is the Arena
The location of the Arena in more detail.

How to become Arena Champion

To become champion of the Arena, you must face and defeat the top five champions. The 5 champions you can challenge are the following:

  • Klaudios, the King of Bandits (Level 22).
  • Belos, the Beast of Sparta (Level 29)
  • Evanthe, the Slayer (Level 36)
  • Titos, the Rock of Athens (Level 43)
  • Vasilis, the King of the Arena (level 50)

With good equipment you can defeat them even if you have a few levels less, without overdoing it, though. More or less, if you have no more than four levels less than your opponents, they become feasible and produce huge amounts of XP. You'll also get pieces of Legendary Armour (Golden) from the arena, which makes it absolutely worth a visit.

Your success in the arena is also linked to four trophies:

  • Didn't you have fun?!? - Become an Arena champion.
  • Violent Sports - Defeat a mercenary in the Arena.
  • Around the Islands - Complete 20 missions on the islands of Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis.
  • At the top of the food chain - Become the mercenary with the highest rank (some mercenary fights take place in the Arena).

This is all you need to know to find the Arena and become the Champion.

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