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Pokemon Go Tricks - Pokemon GO secrets revealed! We have collected 26 +1 tips, tricks and guides to give you the most complete perspective on Pokemon Go.

In our guide you can find both basic and advanced tips and tricks: where to find pokemon by type (did you know that pokemon psico are located near hospitals and that ghost pokemon like to go out mainly at night and near cemeteries? We found one in front of a funeral shop!) the rewards for each level (including levels after 20), the candy needed to evolve each pokemon, the fight multipliers for each type (it's useless to deploy a fire pokemon with another fire, the damage would be halved) and much more that you can see in our summary below. We've also created a list to know how to evolve each Pokemon, user reports on the maps of the pokemon sighted and the division of all first generation Pokemon into common, rare, epic and legendary.

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Pokemon Go Tricks: The most useful secrets to play the game


1) How to have Pikachu as a starter
2) How to capture Pokemon 3) How to Level up quickly
4) Free Pokeball
5) How to make Pokemon evolve quickly
6) How to use gyms correctly
7) Tricks to see Pokemon distance
8) Grass that moves and nothing appears
9) Tricks to capture Rare Pokemon
10) Tricks to Play in Travel
11) Pokemon Eggs: what they are and how they hatch
12) Tricks to make Pokemon Evolve
13) Guide Struggles: How to fight, Multipliers and Types of Pokemon
14) Evolution of Eevee how to understand it
15) Guide to the strongest Pokemon
16) Where to find the Pokemon by Type
17) Check the status of the server
18) Rewards list by level
19) How to send back Battery
20) Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Pokemon 21) Tricks to put the name of the Pokemon in bold
22) PL Maxima of all Pokemon 23) Curved Launch: Bonuses
24) The points needed to gain experience
25) Standard and Special attacks of all Pokemon
26) Calculate individual value of each Pokemon and figure out which one to boost
27) How to have Pikachu on your shoulder
27) How to catch Ditto

1) Trick Pokemon Go ‚Äď Having Pikachu as Starter

Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander: these are the Pokemon that will appear in front of you in the tutorial of the game, when as a good coach you have to choose your Pokemon Starter. To get Pikachu instead you have to avoid capturing the three Pokémon that will appear around you: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. You'll have to move around until the three Pokémon reappear around you. This will be repeated three times, and the fourth time, Pikachu will appear next to the three Pokémon and you can capture them as your Pokémon starter in Pokémon Go. Please be aware that it may be a long time before Pikachu appears - even 40 minutes at times.

You can also see the procedure in the video below:

2) Trick Pokemon Go ‚Äď How to Catch Pokemon (also at home)

In order to capture Pokemon we have to start with a basic concept: Pokemon stand out in common and rare. Clearly, their rarity also determines the difficulty in capturing them. Precisely for this reason in Pokemon go you will notice a different

12) Trick Pokemon Go to evolve Pokemon

To make Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Go you must always keep in mind what type they belong to, the type of evolution possible and how many candies are required to make them evolve. We have also created here a summary table with all the necessary evolutions and candies, you can see a preview below:

Pokemon Go is a game that will be officially available from July 15th keep an eye on this article that will be constantly updated with all the secrets and tricks we'll discover in the game! In the meantime, don't despair of ending the game too soon: in addition to the 150 pokemon present at the game's release for ios and android, Nintendo has announced that 700 more will be released over time.

13) Struggles: How to Fight, Multipliers and Pokemon Types

Let's start with the basics of combat. The basis of every fight is defence, so as mentioned above, you'll have to avoid attacks from your opponent's Pokémon by using your finger and sliding to the left or right. So you can avoid the Pokémon's attacks and then go on the counterattack: there are two different ways to attack.

  • The first is to use the basic attack, which can be performed with a simple tap on the screen.
  • The second, the special attack, requires a little longer movement: to perform it, you'll need to fill the bar underneath the health bar of your Pok√©mon, then hold your finger on the screen for a few moments and then attack. Finally, remember that it's important to consider the type of Pok√©mon you're using: a fire-type Pok√©mon will be effective on a grass-type Pok√©mon, which in turn will be effective against a water-type Pok√©mon that easily gets the better of a fire-type Pok√©mon, and so on.

To keep under control the type of pokemon you are fighting with and what kind of effect it has on your opponent we give you a table taken from Pokemon DB that explains the effects of fighting between the different types of Pokemon:

When you see the number 0 it means it doesn't do any damage, example: Electricity versus Earth. When you see 1/2 it means that the damage is 50% of what it could do, and that in general it is to the advantage of the defender, example: Poison versus other Poison or Grass versus Fire. number 1 indicates instead a normal attack power not modified by the pokemon types that are meeting. The number 2 instead indicates a vulnerability of the defender, and therefore double the normal damage example: Rock Against Ice.
NOTE: the opposite is not always true: if, as we have seen, Grass vs. Fire has only 1/2, Fire vs. Grass has 2, so 200% damage, the best possible combination.

14) Eevee's Evolution you can't choose but you can understand

In Pokemon Go there is the first generation Pokemon Eevee that can have, as known, three different evolutions that however at the moment are totally random: Jolteon, Flareon or Vaporeon. In Pokemon Go there are not the three stones that allow you to choose in what to evolve Eevee: for now the only way to have an evolution as you want and nickname it as the coaches that in the anime had the 3 variants of evolution.
If Eevee is nicknamed with Sparky will be a Jolteon, Rainer will be Vaporeon, Pyro will be Flareon, you can find all the info in our complete guide to the evolution of Eevee in Pokemon Go.

15) Trick Pokemon Go: the strongest Pokemon

The complete list of the strongest Pokemon


Lapras is one of the strongest water Pokemon in the game because of its very powerful attacks and its always rather high waist points. It's water/ice type, so even if ice doesn't suffer powerful fire attacks because it's also water. Look for it near the waterways because it's easier to find it there.

One of the biggest aesthetic pokemon in the game is also one of the strongest because of the disproportionate number of HP it has.
It's not easy to catch him because it takes a lot of attacks to defeat him and his attacks are quite insistent. Also, first of all, you have to find it!

Magikarp evolves into Gyarados (water/flying type) one of the strongest Pokémon in the game. Magikarp is however in its basic form a useless pokemon because it has no attacks! So you have to capture it and evolve it at a cost of 400 candies. Is it worth it? Definitely, Gyarados will give you a lot of satisfaction thanks to its powerful attacks and the ability to learn dragon-like moves.

This pokemon Coleoptera/Flying is a favorite of many users. Its extremely high health and speed make it one of the most desired by users and clearly one of the most difficult to find.

However, this order can also be understood in another way when strengthening Pokemon.

The real order of the strongest Pokemon is also based on the fact that for every candy ups he is given increases his PL more than other Pokemon. So we have:

  • Dragonite PL for up 50
  • Snorlax PL for up 45
  • Lapras Pl for up 43
  • Arcanine and Vaporeon PL for up 40
  • Gyarados 39
  • Exggutor and Muk 38
  • Weezing and Flareon 37

While the final evolution of the three starters is lower than this group of Pokemon.

  • Charizard and Venusaur 33
  • Blastoise 32

16) Pokemon Go Guide: Where to find Pokemon by Type

Have you gone hunting? Let's see together where Pokemon of all kinds are most likely to be found, so that as you wander around you can keep in mind that there are some places where you are more likely to find some types of Pokemon and others where you are less likely.

- NORMAL Pokemon type-> The easiest to find, very often they are close to you, in the neighborhood or otherwise nearby.

- Pokemon type FIRE-> You can usually find them in residential areas, beaches or places with dry climate. Pokemon of fire type are:

- Pokemon of type WATER -> They guard watery areas. We recommend you to search near rivers, streams, lakes but also ports and beaches.

- Pokemon type ERBA -> Can be easily found in green areas: Parks, Villas, Gardens, Woods

- Pokémon of type ROCCIA -> They can be found in points with a lot of industrial or urban agglomeration such as: shopping malls, railway stations, buildings under construction, etc.

- Pokémon of type EARTH -> Can be found near ditches, water lands, parking lots, playgrounds, train stations, urban roads

- Pokemon of type ELECTRO -> They can be found in places with a lot of concrete, they have a distribution similar to rock. You can find them in industries, schools, public buildings etc.

- Pokemon of type COLEOTTERO -> They have a similar location to the pokemon of type grass, you can find them in forests, woods, parks, meadows, gardens and villas.

- DRAGON-type Pokemon -> They're not very easy to find: they're usually located near points of interest: monuments, parks or whatever is marked on the map as a point of interest. In that case be very careful because a DRAGO pokemon could appear at any time!

Pokemon type FOLLETTO -> They are not easy to find either. You can find them more easily in cemeteries, churches and generally in the places of interest marked on the map.

Pokemon of type LOTTA -> These pokemon are easily found near places where you do sports: gyms, stadiums, sports centers, swimming pools, etc.!

Pokemon type SAIL - They do not have a precise location. They appear mostly in areas with water, or humid comuqneu and near large buildings. (ed. let us know where you usually find them) UPDATE: Found at refineries, purifiers and landfills.

Pokemon of the SPECTRO type - These Pokemon go out mainly at night. You can find them more easily near cemeteries and churches.

Ice Pokemon -> Do you live in very cold areas or where it snows a lot? Do you live in very cold areas or where it snows a lot? Then don't worry: ice pokemon live near grasses and water spots, you can find them basically everywhere.

Pokemon type PSICO -> Pokemon type PSICO can be found in residential areas (especially at night), hospitals and surroundings, sometimes grassy areas.

Flying Pokemon -> This type of Pokemon is very common in areas with nature reserves and forests.

Pokemon type STEEL -> This type of pokemon is easily found near the rails, very large structures, factories, and places with steel in general.

Pokémon of type BUIO -> They're not in the game, but there is a code that reveals their existence. They will be available, when introduced, around cemeteries, theaters and cinemas.

17) Trick Pokemon Go: How to check the status of the server

These days there have been a lot of server problems: the game doesn't connect, the game crashes when you try to catch a Pokemon, the words "impossible to retrieve data from the server" and so on. Clearly pokemon go only works when Nintendo's servers are fully functional and performing. To find out the status of Nintendo's servers, and then see if the problems with the game are just yours or everyone's, you can go HERE and see the status of the server!

18) Pokemon Go Guide: Rewards List by Level

In Pokemon Go, by capturing Pokemon, facing gyms, or evolving Pokemon, you can increase your trainer level. But what rewards will you receive? This table shows in detail the rewards you will receive when you level up in Pokemon Go. The table shows up to level 20 but it is not excluded that the level cap of Pokemon Go can increase with the passing of the Niantic months.

EXCLUSIVE: Here are the rewards for level 21 in the picture below, that thanks to one of our user we were able to have a preview:
10 UltraBall 10

Revitalizing 10


EXCLUSIVE: Here are the rewards for level 22 in the picture below, which thanks to one of our users we were able to get a preview:

10 Ultraball 10
Hyperpotion 10 Revitalizing
10 Bacalampon

EXCLUSIVE: Here are the rewards for level 23 in the picture below, which thanks to one of our users we were able to get a preview:

10 Ultraball 10
Hyperpotion 10 Revitalizing
10 Codfish

EXCLUSIVE: Here are the rewards for level 24 in the picture below, which thanks to one of our users we were able to get a preview:

15 Ultraball
10 Hyperpotion
10 Revitalizing
10 Baccalampon

EXCLUSIVE: Here are the rewards for level 25 in the picture below, which we were able to preview thanks to one of our users:

25 Ultraball
20 Max Potion
15 Revitalizing
15 Codfish

1 Aroma
1 Fortunuovo 1
Egg Incubator


EXCLUSIVE: Here are the rewards for level 26 in the picture below, which thanks to one of our users we were able to preview:

10 Ultraball
15 Max Potion
10 Revitalizing Potion 15 Bacalampon

19) Trick Pokemon GO: How to save battery power

The various battery-saving tricks you read about are actually partially effective. Let's explain why: almost everyone is aiming to obscure the screen, but if you put the phone in your pocket with the application open, no one will warn you when a pokemon is around, so you won't actually be able to catch them. Another trick that goes for the most is (of course) to lower the brightness level of the screen, because the brightness itself is the one that requires the most energy. However, as you all know, playing during the day and especially on a sunny day can absolutely not be done with the battery at minimum, we would not see anything! So this trick can only be used, in fact, at night.

However, if you go into the game's settings, you'll see "battery saving": tick it and this will help you greatly in the game's battery life:


In the pictures below you can see all the pokemons of the game divided into Very Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Special, Epic and Legendary! It also seems that in the game there are Pokemon called "regional" because they are exclusive to every region of the world. It would be Taurosper (North America) - Mr. Mime (Europe) - Kangaskhan (Australia) and Farfetch'd (Asia)
N.B. For now the legendary Pokemon are not yet available in Pokemon Go. They will be introduced soon with one of the next updates of the game, and we'll keep you updated about their appearance. Stay tuned!

21) Trick Pokemon Go: Write the name of the Pokemon in boldface

A very special trick this for Pokemon Go. It looks more like an Easter Egg that the guys from Niantic introduced than a real trick: you can write the name of your Pokemon in bold! How to do it? It's very simple: when you go to change the name of the Pokemon use the following name formula Basically use the html tag of the bold that will be read correctly! Watch out now because the characters available to name a pokemon are very few, so you will probably have to choose a very short name if you want to use the bold html tag. Look at the example of our Pokemon renamed with this trick so you can see the final effect:

22) PL Pokemon Maxes in Pokemon Go

In the dedicated guide you can find the complete list of all Pokemon with their maximum Fight Points (PL) that you can reach in the game. For those who don't know this, each Pokemon cannot be upgraded infinitely but there is a maximum number of PL they can reach. Also available is the GUIDE for ATTACK Defense and Stamina Maximum of each Pokemon. Each Pokemon has a different level:

  1. Nidoqueen 2485.03
  2. Nidoran‚ôā 843.14
  3. Nidorino 1372.50
  4. Nidoking 2475.14
  5. Clefairy 1200.96
  6. Clefable 2397.71
  7. Vulpix 831.41
  8. Ninetales 2188.28
  9. Jigglypuff 917.64
  10. Wigglytuff 2177.20
  11. Zubat 642.51
  12. Golbat 1921.35
  13. Oddish 1148.28
  14. Gloom 1689.46
  15. Vileplume 2492.66
  16. Paras 916.60
  17. Parasect 1747.07
  18. Venonat 1029.39
  19. Venomoth 1890.32
  20. Diglett 456.76
  21. Dugtrium 1168.55
  22. Meowth 756.32
  23. Persian 1631.84
  24. Psyduck 1109.56
  25. Golduck 2386.52
  26. Mankey 878.67
  27. Primeape 1864.52
  28. Growlithe 1335.03
  29. Arcanine 2983.90
  30. Poliwag 795.96
  31. Poliwhirl 1340.43
  32. Poliwrath 2505.33
  33. Abra 600.44
  34. Kadabra 1131.96
  35. Alakazam 1813.82
  36. Machop 1089.59
  37. Machoke 1760.71
  38. Machamp 2594.17
  39. Bellsprout 1117.43
  40. Weepinbell 1723.76
  41. Victreebel 2530.52
  42. Tentacool 905.15
  43. Tentacruel 2220.32
  44. Geodude 849.49
  45. Graveler 1433.63
  46. Golem 2303.17
  47. Ponyta 1516.11
  48. Rapidash 2199.34
  49. Slowpoke 1218.90
  50. Slowbro 2597.19
  51. Magnemite 890.68
  52. Magneton 1879.95
  53. Farfetch'd 1263.89
  54. Doduo 855.41
  55. Dodrio 1836.37
  56. Seel 1107.03
  57. Dewgong 2145.77
  58. Grimer 1284.02
  59. Muk 2602.90
  60. Shellder 822.91
  61. Cloyster 2052.85
  62. Gastly 804.41
  63. Haunter 1380.21
  64. Gengar 2078.23
  65. Onix 857.20
  66. Drowzee 1075.14
  67. Hypno 2184.16
  68. Krabby 792.21
  69. Kingler 1823.15
  70. Voltorb 839.73
  71. Electrode 1646.14
  72. Exeggcute 1099.81
  73. Exeggutor 2955.18
  74. Cubone 1006.61
  75. Marowak 1656.96
  76. Hitmonlee 1492.94
  77. Hitmonchan 1516.51
  78. Lickitung 1626.82
  79. Koffing 1151.79
  80. Weezing 2250.15
  81. Rhyhorn 1182.08
  82. Rhydon 2243.22
  83. Chansey 675.12
  84. Tangela 1739.72
  85. Kangaskhan 2043.40
  86. Horsea 794.67
  87. Seadra 1713.22
  88. Goldeen 965.14
  89. Seaking 2043.92
  90. Staryu 937.89
  91. Starmie 2182.14
  92. Mr. Mime 1494.42
  93. Scyther 2073.96
  94. Jynx 1716.73
  95. Electabuzz 2119.17
  96. Magmar 2265.30
  97. Pinsir 2121.87
  98. Tauros 1844.76
  99. Magikarp 262.70
  100. Gyarados 2688.89
  101. Lapras 2980.73
  102. Ditto 919.62
  103. Eevee 1077.20
  104. Vaporeon 2816.25
  105. Jolteon 2140.27
  106. Flareon 2643.43
  107. Porygon 1691.56
  108. Omanyte 1119.77
  109. Omastar 2233.65
  110. Kabuto 1104.72
  111. Kabutops 2130.01
  112. Aerodactyl 2165.49
  113. Snorlax 3112.85
  114. Article 2978.16
  115. Zapdos 3114.38
  116. Moltres 3240.47
  117. Dratini 983.47
  118. Dragonair 1747.73
  119. Dragonite 3500.06
  120. Mewtwo 4144.75
  121. Mew 3299.17

23)Trick Pokemon Go: the curved launch

Not everyone knows that by launching the Pokeball "to effect" can get a bonus that will quickly gain you experience. What exactly are we talking about ? When you launch the pokeball if you keep your finger pressed on the screen and twirl it you see how the pokeball stays attached to your finger. Starting from this principle you try to reproduce an effect throw, also called "curved" and hit the Pokemon you are capturing. If the throw is successful you will receive a bonus of + 50% experience, while if the words "Good, Bravo Excellent" appear on the dispòay we will have bonuses equal to x1, x1.3 and x1.7 respectively.

24) Pokemon Go: Experience Points for each level!

We thought it might be very interesting to see how many experience points you need to climb in each level. As is normal and as can be seen at a glance from the graph below, the more we go forward the more difficult it will be to accumulate the experience points needed to level up because these increase with the level. Below is the graph that shows you the experience points per level:

25) Pokemon Go: All Moves

We've created a complete guide that shows all Pokemon Moves divided into standard and special attacks. Below is a preview of the long table we have created and you can find it HERE:

Also announced are new Pokemon for the game Pokemon Sole Luna which will be released on October 23rd exclusively by Nintendo 3Ds. That these new Pokemon won't come on Pokemon Go as well? We look forward to it!

26) IV Calculator in Pokemon Go and figure out which Pokemon to Promote

L IV i.e. Individual Valor is the calculation of the potential of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Each Pokemon in fact may seem similar and how can we choose which one to enhance? Thanks to the prediction of values such as stamina, attack, defense and power of the attacks, it is possible to obtain a prediction of enhancement for each individual Pokemon. This tool has become absolutely necessary if you want to optimize the use of stardust that unfortunately becomes more and more necessary as you proceed with the game.
You can read our GUIDE to discover all the secrets of calculating IV and find out which pokemon you need to invest in!

27) Easter Egg Pokemon Go: Like having Pikachu on your shoulder

With the new update of the game Pokemon Go on IOS and Android you can choose one of the Pokemon as your virtual companion. This will allow you to walk a tot and earn candy for that specific Pokemon and thus help you in the evolution times of the Pokemon. The easter egg that Ninantic has hidden in this function is the following: if you walk for 10 km with Pikachu chosen as your companion, he will magically appear on your shoulder!

28) How to capture DITTO

It's finally available from November 22nd the Pokemon Ditto within the game Pokemon Go. Many of our users have captured it but to find it you must absolutely know one thing: Ditto will not appear in its real form. Its characteristic is to take the form of any Pokemon present in the game so Ditto could hide behind a common Pokemon. It's not uncommon the cases of coaches who capturing yet another RATTATA once the capture was completed have seen the transformation into FIGHT appear.
N.B. You will find out if Ditto is hiding behind the common pokemon only AFTER capturing it. And remember: When you challenge a Gymnasium or lead one of your Pokémon to training, Ditto will copy the appearance, type, and moves of the first Pokémon he sees and keep them for the duration of the challenge.

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