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Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a large number of unlockable characters. To unlock characters, you have to play in the various game modes, but there are faster methods than others to get all the characters available in the Nintendo Beatdown. In this guide we will briefly see how to unlock the characters of Super Smash Bros Ultimate .

Super Smash Bros Ultimate | How to unlock characters

The unlockable characters in Nintendo Switch Ultimate's Super Smash Bros. will require players to complete certain challenges and other requirements before a character becomes playable. These challenges may require the player to play a specific amount of games, or you can unlock characters by simply completing the classic mode and even playing the World of Light game mode.

By playing the following game modes you can unlock the characters of Super Smash Bros Ultimate .

  • Classic mode
  • World of light
  • Match VS.

Unlock the characters by defeating them

In all there are 74 characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate . The method to unlock those not available immediately is to defeat them: during the game, players will be confronted with a screen that warns them of the approach of an Opponent. They will then be challenged by an unlockable character. If you can beat that character, you will be allowed to use it during the rest of the game.

Characters approach every 10 minutes or after completing a specific game mode. This can take hours to unlock each character.

A small trick

There is, however, a little trick that makes it a little faster. One faster way to unlock all the characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate matches is to play versus mode games with a single life and then restart the game to avoid the 10-minute wait for the character to unlock.

Here are all the steps to follow:

  • Set one life in VS games.
  • Play 1 match VS. It does not matter whether you win or lose
  • Continue to fight until you unlock a character
  • Restart (this Super Smash Bros Ultimate means you have to restart the app / game) and then repeat steps 1, 2, 3.

(Restarting the game restores the reload time for unlocking the character, which allows you to unlock one character every 10 minutes in VS mode).

The big trick

There is a bigger trick than the one described above.

According to Business Insider, there would be a very fast method to unlock all characters.

All you have to do is reset the timer, which you can do by changing the language, returning to versus mode and playing single in multiplayer.

This happens because changing the language closes the software and restores the game, and apparently also the timer for the Opponent Approach.

Let's recap:

  • Change game language
  • Return to versus mode
  • Play single in multiplayer
  • Defeating an Opponent to unlock it
  • Repeat the operation

Repeating this trick will get you a new challenger after almost every Smash game, as long as you change the language after every game.

We will update this guide in case we find other faster ways to unlock characters from the current Nintendo video game, stay tuned to ,

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