Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Where to Find All Gourd Seeds

Each time you collect one of these seeds, and bring it back to Emma at the ruined temple, you will be able to increase the capacity of your flask, being able to use it several times, not much different from what happened to the flasks of Estus in the previous Dark Souls.

Some Gourd seeds can be found in certain places on the game map, while others can only be found by defeating certain bosses and mini bosses. Fortunately, none of these collectables are missing, which means that you can collect them at any time in the game plot.

There is only one thing to do: at some point on the main quest, you will no longer find Emma at the Temple. To make her reappear, all you have to do is defeat the final boss of the game at the top of Ashina Castle, then speak to the divine heir at least 5 times and, following the smoke on the rooftops, you'll find Isshin. After talking to him, you'll find Emma in the Black's room.

Below, we list all the places where you can find the Gourd Seed, arranged in chronological order. We remind our readers that this guide is constantly updated, so come back often to visit us, so you won't miss even one of our updates.

Gourd Seed #3 - Ashina Castle Gate

Immediately after defeating Gyobu Oniwa (the one on horseback, so to speak), return to the battlefield and head for the steps. To get the Gourd seed in question, you won't have to enter the building in front of you, but take the road to the left, which will lead you to another flight of stairs, which you'll have to walk up to the end.

Once at the top, you'll find a merchant in a tent, who will sell you the seed in question for 1000 Sen. In case you don't have the required amount of money, go farming with the enemies in the area and buy this new collectible.

Hirata Summer

There are no Gourd Seeds in this play area.

Ashina Castle

Gourd Seed #4 - Ashina Castle

Start from the first Buddha idol you meet and head to the right, following the smoke coming out of the rooftops. You will have to reach the tower, which you will have no difficulty recognizing, as it is the tallest building in the area. As soon as you enter, you will find another idol, called "Anticamera".

In this small room, just before the idol in question, you will find a treasure chest with a Gourd seed inside.

Gourd Seed #5 - Ashina Castle

To get this seed, you will have to go back to the first Buddha idol that you will find in this region, called "Ashina Castle". Start from here and climb up to the area where you will find four enemies armed with rifles; pass them, reach the top of the stairs, turn right immediately and let yourself fall.

By doing so, you will arrive in a narrow alley where you will find a man sitting, who will ask you to kill all the enemies in the area. Do this task and go back to him: you will receive his thanks and the promise that your paths will cross again.

Some time later, you will find this NPC at the Temple in Ruin; talk to him and you can buy the Gourd Seed from him for 2000 Sen.

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

Gourd Seed #6 - Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

Start with the first Buddha idol you will find in this region, and head to the area where you came across the monks. Go up the stairs and you will find yourself in front of a temple where, at least apparently, you cannot enter. However, use your grappling hook to climb the building, and sneak into the hole in the ceiling.

Once inside, you will find yourself in a room with three monks praying: the Gourd seed will be in this very area. However, don't worry: you'll have to pass through this area during the plot of the game.

Sunken Valley

Gourd Seed #7 - Under-Shrine Valley

Start from this idol, jump down and cling to a ledge where you will find an enemy armed with a rifle. After you meet the fusilier, turn left, and cling to the tree branch above. Grab the second branch in front of you (again you will find a rifleman) and then jump on the wall immediately to your left. You will now find two riflemen on two different platforms. Climb to the top. Once there, you will find two items to collect under a small roof, one of which is the Gourd seed you are looking for.

Ashina Depths

Gourd Seed #8: Mibu Village

From the idol of the village of Mibu, walk inside the village and you'll find this collectible item under a large tree with white leaves, near which you'll find many enemies grouped together. The tree in question will be unmistakable, as it is the only one with leaves, while all the other trees are completely barren.

Fountainhead Palace

Gourd Seed #9: Palace Grounds

WARNING: the gourd seed in question is highly missing.

First, you'll need to unlock an area of a story that you can easily miss: Fountainhead Palace. After defeating the Corrupt Monk at Ashina Depths and the other main boss, the Guardian Monkey, in Sunken Valley, you'll have to return to Ashina Castle.

The idols in that area will be blocked, so you'll need to go through the Abandoned Dungeon to return. On the roof of the tower where you fought Genichiro Ashina, you'll need to talk to Owl. At that moment, you can choose the end of the game. To reach Fountainhead Palace, you'll have to select the second dialogue option "Break the iron code, stay true to Black".

Defeat the main boss and then talk to Black in his room until all the dialogues are exhausted. At this point, you'll need to reach the Wedding Cave Door idol, located near the Ashina Depths area. There in the cave, where you have already collected an item related to the story of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice , you will have to enter a tent and then be transported to Fountainhead Palace.

Advance through this new play area until you reach the Palace Grounds idol: he will be on the main path, you can't miss him. From the idol in question, enter the next building, where you'll find some squid-like enemies. At this point, before opening the next door, you'll find a large red chest; again, everything will be placed on the main road you'll have to walk through: the chest, by the way, is very easy to notice. Open it and you will find the last Gourd Seed.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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