[Guide] Hunters League Tips and Tricks for iOS/Android

Complete Hunters League Guide | Hunters League is a free to play fantasy RPG game available for iOS and Android. The player takes control of an entire team with the ability to switch between the various characters and the many weapons available - 30 - to take down monsters and bosses in Arenas and defeat opposing teams in PvP mode and Resource Wars.

In this guide, we show you useful tips to master all the mechanics and some tricks to always give the best in every battle.

How to download Hunters League | To download the game, go to -> Google Play | App Store.

Note: On Android the game is called The Story of Weapon Masters, while on iOS it's known as Hunters League : Begins, but they're the exact same game.

Hunters League | General tips for iOS and Android

Choose your weapon carefully

Unlike other RPGs, you can only use one weapon at a time from your inventory, so the initial choice is vital. You must make sure that the weapon you choose in the beginning is really the one you're willing to stay with for the rest of the time. This will be the weapon you level up so that its stats reach their maximum.

No matter how many weapons you unlock, you can only take one into battle. The rare ones are always the most powerful, so make a note of that. Once you've equipped a weapon that suits your style of play and inflicts massive damage, you can proceed to the next step: modify your equipment.

To change your equipment, you'll need to look for resources and materials with which you can unlock upgrades. The advice is to choose a weapon, make sure to level only that one to not waste experience points and modify it to increase its stats.

Cooperate with friends

Having friends in the game will bring many advantages such as lending or borrowing weapons from them and sharing other rare and very useful and powerful items. It also makes fighting much easier as cooperation with friends improves strategy and planning. Different ideas lead to different approaches and this may be what you need in the more advanced stages of the title.

Collect everything

Keep collecting every single item you receive in the game. This is when you enter the game, complete missions and so on. When notifications are displayed (red dots in the menu), be sure to hover your mouse over them and collect everything.

Hunter League is one of those games that give you a lot of rewards: obviously, the harder things get the better rewards you'll receive. There's so much to unlock and keeping up is absolutely not easy, so take your time and collect everything, also because going into battle without ever unlocking anything will only lead to a defeat.

The developers have also implemented a small exclamation mark at the top of the screen that you can tap to see what things you still need to do in the game. Collect all the rewards first, then move on to the battlefield.

Choose a good leader

Before you start playing one of the game modes, you can choose the leaders - the characters who will lead the rest of the team. For each occasion one leader may be more suitable than another, so don't always focus on the same one.

Knowing when to choose a certain leader can make all the difference. For example, for higher damage you may need someone like Michelle to increase the power of attacks. Other scenarios will encourage you to choose more defensive leaders. So get into the habit of choosing the right leader for the situation.

Tricks Hunters League

Hunters League | How to win all battles

Winning battles is not only based on your skills, but mainly on the level of your characters and the equipment and skills you have. However, there are some things you can do to turn battles in your favor often and willingly.

  1. First of all, be sure to always tap the button to select each of your fighters. Everyone should target a specific enemy (or move in one way or another to avoid an incoming attack, so you should always select all your heroes).
  2. After that, you should make sure to load your skills before using them. Uploaded abilities can be executed by tapping and holding an ability that has this ability, and it's worth doing because uploaded abilities inflict more damage or have more output than their effect.
  3. Finally, when you're fighting bosses, you should always make sure you enter the battle with a full set of skills available to use. So attack the boss directly, because if you manage to destroy it, all other monsters around it will be destroyed. And make sure you have your power-up ready to use before you fight a tough boss.

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