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With the arrival of Halo Reach on PC and Xbox One, players want to know every secret of the game. One of the many things to know is how to get Seasonal Points. Seasonal Points Halo Reach are points that, once earned, can be used to unlock cosmetic items such as armor customizations and more.

So getting seasonal points in Halo Reach is pretty important if you want to customize the gaming experience. In this guide we show you how to earn these points and how to spend them.

Seasonal Points allow you to unlock cosmetic items in Halo Reach . In this guide we see how to earn and spend them.

How to earn Seasonal Points Halo Reach

To earn seasonal points in Halo Reach , you need to increase your global level. You will earn seasonal points for each level that will improve the global ranking.

How do you level up in Halo Reach and how do you enter the global ranking of the game? It's very simple, you have to play multiplayer games (or PvP, if you prefer) or some matches in Firefight mode, i.e. PvE mode. You earn XP by achieving the various objectives in these modes and as the number of experience points increases, your global level also increases.

Basically, you have to accumulate kills, complete objectives, earn medals and so on. There are no real tricks to earn XP quickly; you just have to play a lot and be really good. In addition, Challenges will be added in the game which, if you complete successfully, will allow you to earn seasonal points.

How to use Seasonal Points in Halo Reach

To use seasonal points in Halo Reach , all you have to do is select the item you want to buy and click on it (or press A), then press Unlock. The item will go into your arsenal and you can wear it whenever you want during the game.

There is only one problem, though. You need to unlock all the previous items in the list to get what you want. For example, if you want an object that is on level 31, you'll be forced to unlock all the others before it.

This is what you need to know about Seasonal Points in Halo Reach . If you want to further customize your experience in the Bungie game, read our guide on how to download maps and custom modes created by other users.

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