[Guide] Control How Unlock All the Outfits and Costumes

Jesse, the protagonist of Control, can wear various unlockable clothes in different ways within the game. To change Jesse's outfit, you must go to a control point (the circles on the floor that act as checkpoints and allow you to create mods for weapons and unlock upgrades) and from there select the dress you want to wear during the adventure.

Below you will find how to unlock the clothes in brief and an explanation video.

Control | How to unlock Jesse's clothes

  • Civilian: It's the standard outfit you've been wearing since the beginning of the game.
  • Asynchronous Dress: Unlock by completing the secondary mission "Reflected Mirror".
  • Tactical equipment: Pre-order bonus content
  • Astral Suit: Exclusive content of the Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • Urban Response: Exclusive Digital Deluxe Edition content
  • Candidate P7: You get during main mission 7: "The face of the enemy". Go to the Prime Candidate program department and look for the room called P7. Inside there is a locker, in which you will find the suit.
  • Caretaker's Assistant: To unlock it you must complete all the missions entrusted to you by Ahti, the caretaker.
  • Director's Dress: You get it by completing the last mission of the game.
  • Office Assistant: Unlock in main mission 10: "Take Control".
  • Golden Suit: Go to the Fortune and Probability department. Go to the roulette room and solve the puzzle (watch the video below).

These are all the methods to unlock the clothes available in Control. Below you can find a video that shows you all of them.

Audio Video [Guide] Control How Unlock All the Outfits and Costumes
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