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D medals are very valuable items that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot every player should collect. Using D medals, you can access training missions at specific points on the map. Completing a training course - usually a combat match against a friendly character - will unlock more skills and moves for your favorite characters. But you can only do this if you have lots of D medals to spend.

In this guide, we want to reveal a little trick to make it easier to get D Medals. These can only be collected by completing quests, but there is a method to get a lot of them in a short time. The trick is to access the Encyclopedia Z, the section of the game where the entries that are unlocked during the adventure are cataloged.

Open Encyclopedia Z: for each entry you unlocked, you'll get D Medals. The advice is to go a long way in the adventure and open the Encyclopedia a few times to earn a bunch of Medals at once. You can easily unlock multiple entries by completing quests or simply continuing the story further.

One sure-fire way to immediately unlock multiple entries is to find places of remembrance. These are places where memorial items are hidden, but if you have some money, you can pay Baba - which can be found on every single map - a fee of 1,000 Zeni to mark a new place of remembrance on the map. Go to the location, take the item and unlock multiple entries in the Z Encyclopedia.

If you are running out of money, check your inventory to find the exchange items you have found so far. By selling them at high prices to merchants you can earn a lot of Zeni, so pay Baba to have the markers marking the places of memories on the map. This way, you'll be able to finish your Z Encyclopedia in no time and earn tons of D medals.

Another way to earn D Medals, is to go to Master Muten and complete missions for Turtle.

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