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5.00/5.00 July 16, 2020

The Wonderful 101 is a wonderful game

This is a gem! Incredible action game with epic sequences and great graphics. One of the most colorful games I've ever played and the colors POP. Clever writing and humorous characters. Awesome show-like presentation. Music is grand. Combat is extremely gratifying. Simple to learn, hard to master. Pure fun. There is nothing quite like this game.

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4.00/5.00 September 15, 2020

Underrated platinum game

Wonderful 101 is an underrated game that was originally published by nintendo on wiiu. Graphically the game is cell shaded and wonderfully bright Coloured. The story involves you controlling the w100 to save people in a perilous situation. Control wise the game just doesn't control like it was on the wiiu you as you dont have the touch controls but after practice its fine. Difficulty wise it can be frustrating but you will enjoy the story and it plays well. This game is underrated.

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3.00/5.00 July 4, 2020

A Clunky Classic

The Wonderful 101 Remastered Edition gives you the chance to play this cult classic with a fresh coat of paint. I just wish they improved on the controls since they're very hard to get used to. The game's camera is all over the place, either being too close to see the enemies attacking you from offscreen or too far away to see where you are in the environment. It's got its charms, but that's really all it has going for it as you struggle with everything else.

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4.00/5.00 July 10, 2020

I started out hating it but now it’s all love

When I first played this game I was frustrated with the controls and camera. However, after an hour or so it all came together and this is such a fun game. If you like games like Pikmin and Bayonetta you might love this game. Also the graphics run at 60fps which is a silky treat.

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4.00/5.00 July 18, 2020

A great game for your Switch!

This is a really unique, quirky game that is quite entertaining. There is definitely a learning curve, but they’ve alleviated some of the issues from the Wii U version (like making dodge and shield accessible essentially from the start.) It is a bit wonky since there isn’t two-screen capability, but there are work arounds in place.

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5.00/5.00 July 24, 2020

This game is great but controls are meh

This game is a remaster of a Wii U exclusive title. It’s definitely worth the purchase. Controls take some getting used to but the game is really comical and has some great action in it. It’s made by the studio that did Viewtiful Joe.

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4.00/5.00 March 12, 2015

Everything it's cracked up to be, but still has a few holes.

I'd been hearing so much hype about this game since the day it came out that I finally decided to pick it up. Let me say it was an excellent decision!The story is super-dynamic and way over the top! The main characters are fun and memorable, and everything designed with such attention to detail. The distinct heroes' costumes are all unique, and enemy mechanical parts are distinct. Dialogue is very quipy and constantly amusing - I always looked forward to who would say what next! --- The game itself is easy enough to play - drawing certain shapes lets you change your hero in mere seconds without disrupting the flow of the gameplay. However, I find that most enemies in the game are less strategic and more based on hit-and-counter combat. --- Real-time events are always fun, but the clue prompts aren't always as specific as you might imagine, which leads to some frustrating mistakes. --- Finally, I would have preferred a multiplayer campaign mode as compared to the objective based one they have. Although I guess it hardly differs, I feel the story would have been more enjoyable if I could have brought a friend along. --- "The Wonderful 101" is an absolute blast to play. A definite must-have to any Wii U library!

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5.00/5.00 August 4, 2020

Great Remaster

Great game to remaster as it was only on the WiU. Having it on the pS4 I feel gives you the best gameplay available. I like how they managed to get the controls to work well with the PS4 considering the WiU version utilized the gamepad. Recommend this game.

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5.00/5.00 March 18, 2017

This is a seriously GREAT Game!

As a gamer and fan of the Nintendo franchise, I have never seen a video-game (let alone on the Wii U) as precise and as graphically-compelling as Xenoblade Chronicles X. If you love a good story and don't mind "dialogue", then this game is for you. It also has a LOT of action; the mechs, game play (RPG), and cut scenes is guaranteed to captivate players. My favourite aspect of this game is [easily] the scenery and landscape of this video game. It is 10/10 in my book and I'd happily recommend it to intermediate players. I feel the game is a little dialogue heavy (at though rarely), and it's mechanics is somewhat complicated, especially for beginners of this series. That said, this game can be enjoyed by any game group (12+).

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5.00/5.00 July 2, 2020

A platinum games masterpiece!

If you missed out on this awesome game on the Wii U back in the days now you can play it on the go, you’re going to want to play this on a big screen since the Characters are so small. It starts out very hard but once you learn the gameplay and unlock all the extra moves it’s a very enjoyable experience from platinum games.

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Reviews and analysis of SMACKHEAD

A team of heroes from around the world must unite to protect the earth from vicious alien invaders! This band of 100 Wonderful ...