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4.00/5.00 January 3, 2017

Shantae's First Adventure!

Shantae is a half-genie girl in charge of guarding the small seaside town, Scuttle Town. One day pirates attack, and the vile Risky Boots steals a prototype steam engine. What's worse is Risky plans to find 4 magical relics to power up the engine into a mighty weapon! Shantae will visit towns, and search labyrinths in her quest to stop Risky. Shantae's main weapon is her hair, which she can whip at enemies to collect gems and hearts for energy(that they drop). Shantae can find other tools at item shops, save the game, and learn info in the different towns. Shantae will also learn magical dances to change into different animals needed to complete tasks, and to warp to the various towns. Never heard of Shantae? You're not alone. It came out near the end of the Game Boy Color's run when everyone was moving on to the Game Boy Advance. It wasn't out for long, and became a sleeper hit. I didn't get into Shantae until the 2nd game Shantae: Risky's Revenge. It's fun to see how the series got started, but when attacking it's easy to take too many cheap hits. Graphics are very colorful and have fun animations, sound has nice tunes, and control is good.

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4.00/5.00 May 12, 2020

Shantae Gameboy Color VHTF

Shantae for the Gameboy Color system is a nice old game that is very hard to find. It features a female genie who sometimes does sexy dances and protects a small town. The prices to have this in your collection are ridiculously high. You may prefer to get a fan-made reproduction. Buy it if you can afford it.

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5.00/5.00 April 20, 2016


The game is beautiful and has alot of Colorful visuals and was considered those rare overlooked games that no one has heard of. The reason why the game is expensive as of now is because the amount of copies are limimted between 20,000 - 25,000. The game is also comes with something special once attached to a Gameboy advance systems. The graphics may not be as glossy like the next installments, but this takes alot of wonderful effects on creating blends and tones. The music is catchy and follows the same theme as an arabic culture The controls are simple and prefect, if you manage to play Stepmania/DDR, this game has that effect built in which rakes in a lot of income to pay for power-ups. The fireflies scouting are difficult to find so you may need to require a guide. All in all, if you happen to find a copy of this game, Considered to be one of the lucky people. If you happen to own the colorful BOX art and instruction manual, considered to be one of the rarest few to keep it as a whole. Either way, the games value is Double if the set is completely full along with the adverts and manuals. BE WARNED!!!!!!!!! there are reproductions being released online, you can official own them but it will not hold it's originality. Box-sets are also being reproduced but it's Nowhere NEAR real since it's Logo or emblems is either Enlargede by 5% or reducde by 4%..

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5.00/5.00 February 13, 2013

Very amazing game! Higher price but worth every penny!

Well where to start this review. Well the first time I played this game back in 2002 when it was released. I was 14 at the time and my younger brother had gotten this as a present from my father while I had chosen the game Pokemon Trading Card Game. At the time I had thought I had gotten the better deal. I remember thinking that he had just gotten the game because it had a cute girl on the cover (which might have been true lol) Well I played my game and beat it within a couple days and I wanted something new to play. So I decided to play the game my brother had gotten, Shantae. At first it felt kind of weird playing as a girl considering most of video games protagonists were male but after a while it just became something refreshing. I couldn't put the game down. I had now realized that my brother was the one that got the better deal. The game is very colorful even by Gameboy Color standards. Everything is very vibrant and if you never knew that the Gameboy Color was an 8 bit system you'd be shocked to find out this game is still an 8 bit game. The game controls very well, there's plenty of action going on, the story is fun and humorous, it's not too hard without being boringly easy, there's plenty of places to explore, and the game is just a one of a kind experience you won't find anywhere else. If you can afford the price of this rare game, pick it up and play it. It's incredibly fun and addictive.

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5.00/5.00 July 18, 2017

Worth Every Cent

Now, if you cannot afford the original game, whether it be just the game or complete in box, you can buy it for next to nothing on the Nintendo eShop. Even if that was not the case, the game would be worth every cent buying an original copy. This game is amazing, with graphics and sound that could easily be mistaken as being on the Game Boy Advance. The story and the gameplay is amazing and never become stale. If you have not played this game yet, just find a way, because it is amazing! (:

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5.00/5.00 September 28, 2009

Shantae: A GBC Swan Song

Written by NY Gamer (brother to Skygrinder, Thanks again for the buy!) I've heard alot about this game from various sources (GoNintendo.Com, Reviews, Etc.) and while I was a bit skeptical on how a GBC game grabbed all of this praise... i dove in to pick up a copy. While the price on ebay may throw some people off (I mean, the game can climb up to a C-Note! I was even thrown from this!!!) I did get a nice deal on it and I'm glad I went ahead with buying this game! Well, onto the meat and potatoes: Gameplay: 10/10 About 16 hours first time, Following Plays about 10 hours. Overworld, 5 towns, 3 money making minigames, 4 Dungeons, Final Area. The game is a platformer and can be an unforgiving one at that with health dropped sparingly from enemies and 1ups allocated to dungeons.) The overworld takes place in 2 different times (Daytime - Enemies are Normal & Nighttime - Enemies have double health and I may be mistaken, but deal double damage as well.) Shantae starts out with 3 Hearts and Her Pony-tail attack. As the story progresses, she picks up 4 transformations (only the elephant can attack though) but fully Powered up, Shantae can collect 7 heart containers for a max of 10 hearts, can collect the 4 fighter items for additional attacks (you'll need alot of gems though) and 4 talismans to enable attacks for her animal forms (all optional pick ups as you can run the entire game w/ just her pony-tail.) Difficulty: 8/10 unless you rescale dungeons for additional 1ups. Your Pony-tail can only reach so far so you have to step up and get in close for connections. Bosses can be hard if you don't know what to expect or their weak spots. Graphics: 10/10 For a GBC game, this feels a bit more like a GBA game, just kicked down. Sprites are very fluid in animation and detailed greatly! This pushed the GBC to it's limits (you may see some slow down in the 3rd dungeon.) Music: 9/10 14+ Tracks. Each tune has a nice feel to it and fits in with the game. You may pull a favorite track from this game. Overall = 10/10 For the GBC's Swan Song (just some really bad timing on Wayforward's part since their game was pushed back) this game is a very, VERY great game to own a hard copy of. If you wish to though, Pick up a DSi and just wait until Shantae's next quest hits before the year's end.

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5.00/5.00 September 4, 2009

Shantae! A true gem for collectors and players alike!

Shantae is a Game Boy Color game that had the unfortunate fate of being released on the cusp of the Game Boy Advance's introduction to market. This is a shame for a few reasons, but one of the most apparent is the fact that developer WayForward pushes the boundaries on what a Game Boy Color can achieve to its absolute limits, showing off game elements that nearly break into Game Boy Advance territory. This, however, may have been seen as less impressive next to the new Game Boy Advance and this title did not receive the spotlight it deserved; Shantae became a cult classic instead. To this day, fans clamor for a sequal to this quiet, yet groundbreaking release. The game itself features a sexy genie girl, and a preposterous, fun storyline that doesn't take itself too seriously. The worlds are HUGE, and the labyrinths are beyond engaging. These days this game is very hard to come by, often fetching prices of over $100 for a used copy. Standing up to games of today for players, this is worth every penny. As for collectors, this is also worth owning. As a game that was not based on any established franchise, Shantae was a risk. The release was fairly limited, so tracking down a copy even when the game was new would have been a feat in itself.

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5.00/5.00 February 8, 2017

Awesome game

I've never heard of shantae until I played the pirates curse needless to say I got hooked. I had to find out more of the franchise's history. I baught a reproduction copy of the game since I couldn't afford the original which I really wanted the original over the reproduction copy. It's fun & entertaining. I wish that I knew about it when it came out back on 2002.

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5.00/5.00 March 4, 2020

A classic that was missed at time of release

Great game but if you are looking to just play it get it on steam or switch.

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5.00/5.00 October 21, 2010

Great but forgotten GBC title

Shantae is a great action platformer that had the misfortune of being released at the tail end of the Game Boy Color's life. Just recently, a sequel was released on DSiWare. I found it to be exceptional enough to warrant hunting down a copy of the original and picking it up right away. I'm happy about my purchase and hope more people get a chance to play one of the GBC's lost gems.

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Reviews and analysis of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

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