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5.00/5.00 November 5, 2019

Tribe is back baby!

Frozenbyte has redeemed themselves after the huge fiasco Trine 3 was. Game’s graphics are gorgeous and it runs like a dream too, at a buttery smooth 60fps. The main campaign length is descent and it can all be done single player obviously or couch co-op. The lack of HDR support is disappointing and there are no difficulty options. Game gets too easy at times.

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4.00/5.00 November 5, 2019

Colorful puzzle game

Lovely graphics in this physics puzzle game. Sometimes the physics gets wonky on some levels depending how to attach stuff, but otherwise found this game entertaining and beautiful to play through. Played this with a friend and we laughed at all the oops fail moments. Plenty of levels for the price.

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4.00/5.00 October 25, 2019

Puzzle platform with RPG elements!

Discover a fantasy world crafted with great detail! As the levels progress, you’ll find more and more puzzles to solve. I found myself constantly mesmerized by the sound track and amazing graphics. I think this game is def. a hit! Give it a try and you be the judge.

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5.00/5.00 January 17, 2020

Great game, and $10 free BB moneys

Love the entire Trine series. This one is no different. And was able to get my 20% off, and then got the $10 reward cash. So it was definitely worth picking up. Perfect addition to my physical collection. Such a fun Co op game

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5.00/5.00 November 3, 2019

Physical release

I don’t like digital games. I’m old and I like to keep cartridges on the switch. I never play more than 1 game per week so it’s not a big issue. This game plays well and he previous ones also play well (the physical release of the 1-3 version is not available at bestbuy only the digital pack)

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5.00/5.00 October 11, 2020

Fun two person game!

My husband and I have been looking for a fun game to play together :) We've previously played a lot of Diablo 3 and were looking to mix things up. This is the perfect mix of team building and puzzles without being super stressful! Would highly recommended :)

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5.00/5.00 November 6, 2019

Great for telling at friends except not overcooked

Puzzle adventure game with different fantasy classes that you can play with friends and family? Why wouldn't you pick this up! If you're a fan of chaos like overcooked but a little more controlled then this is for you.

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5.00/5.00 July 6, 2020

Gorgeous visuals, great puzzle designs

More of the same, which is perfect from the great Trine games. Gorgeous visuals and great puzzle designs. AND local co-op game play is very fun.

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4.00/5.00 July 18, 2020

Already had the other games

If you don’t already have the other three games, I’d recommend seeking out the collection instead of this. I already had all three digitally so this suited my needs, but the other collection would be a better purchase in my opinion if you didn’t have any of them.

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5.00/5.00 October 18, 2019

Perfect game!

The gameplay is fun and challenging, but not impossible. The story is enthralling and all the voice overs bring you in. This is an all around great game to have on your game list. It even has co-op multiplayer online. Greatness.

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5.00/5.00 September 10, 2018

Official- SpiderMan Review

I bought this game the day it came out and it is really great! The game play is really fun with a few problems. The web swinging is great but it still isn't 100% smooth and I have some problems once in a while but nothing major. The fighting takes skill on the normal difficulty which is a nice change from the simple beat em up games. There is many missions and objectives to complete so you should get a good 10 hours out of the game. There is the main missions, side missions, landmarks (which are based on real life structures such as the Empire State Building) backpacks to pick up and much more. Every mission will give you different types of points that you need to unlock different suits or upgrade your skills. The only problem I had with the NYC map was that it isn't 100% accurate. They skip several streets and ignore some obvious landmarks (such as the John Lennon memorial). It isn't a big deal and this is the best open world game iv'e seen in NYC ever! The graphics are great using the newest engines and running smoothly. It is one of the best looking games on the Ps4 right now. This game will last you a long time but it eventually gets repetitive with some of it's missions and it's not super hard to grind through if you binge it for 3-4 hours. Luckily the Dlc will be out in a month giving us a fresh batch of new content in the fall. The sound is good as you leap off a building ad start swinging the soundtrack starts up. The only problem is the music gets old after a while and it starts to become bland. Overall I would highly recommend buying this game ASAP!!!

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5.00/5.00 September 20, 2018

The best Spider-Man game ever made

This has everything you could possibly want in a Spider-Man game. Lots of combat options, fun web-swinging mechanics, engaging story, and a very high-polished presentation. I haven't liked a Spider-Man game this much since Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox. It is incredibly addictive to just swing around and explore the detailed city. This isn't your typical movie tie-in game where it is rushed to store shelves to coincide with a movie release. The studio behind this game put a huge amount of time and money behind it and they went with an original story that takes place in Peter Parker's adult years. Everything about it feels like a game made by fans, for fans.

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5.00/5.00 January 29, 2019

Everything you'd want from a Spider-Man game

It everything you'd want from a Spider-Man game. There are some slower stealth sections that is hit or miss but the AI is super dumb so they aren't hard or frustrating. The visuals are great, the story is good (especially the dialogue), the combat is satisfying, and the web-swinging is fun. Really the web-swinging is the best part of the game. Trying to move around as fast as possible is a game in itself and not once did I choose to fast travel. Overall it is a good time with plenty to do.

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3.00/5.00 October 10, 2018

Spider Man PS4 is good but not great

For the below average gamer you will love this game. The upgrade system is flawless with loads of personalization options. Graphics are beautiful but doesnt outweigh the glitches while combating and swinging around the city. You can easily glitch underneath the map while falling into sea on south side of the map. There is no way to get out besides load from latest check point. The story mode will drive you into very intense situations then drastically slow down. You do not only play as Spider-Man it switches back and forth between 3 characters (Myles Morales, Mary Jane and Peter Parker). Overall I rate the game 8 out of 10.

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5.00/5.00 June 23, 2019

Extremely addictive!

I’ve played through the main story maybe six or seven times and the DLC three or four times. You’ll never want to use the fast travel option; it works fine and doesn’t take forever to load, but swinging is way more fun and the swinging/wall crawling/point launching mechanics are all super intuitive. Combat is a blast, and once you get all of your gadgets, you can get really creative and define your personal style. Strong story, and you’ll have a hard time not shedding a tear along the way.

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5.00/5.00 September 21, 2018

One of the top PS4 games.

Wow, is Marvel's Spider-Man fun or what? I can swing through the Big Apple all day long and not get bored. Photo mode is amazing. The fighting mechanics reminds me of the Batman Arkham series, minus the counter system. Lots of tokens to collect and side quests to keep you busy. The hardest part is catching pigeons, lol. Main story is neat too. This game + God of War are must have Sony exclusives. I hope Insomniac makes the next Avengers game, but that will probably be for the PS5.

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5.00/5.00 September 8, 2018

Fun fun fun!!!!

We are only about an hour in but this game is aweomse! Spidey has some serious moves! Flying around the city is so satisfying and the story is already great. I got this to play with my 4 year old son. He is so amazing and I’m shocked how skilled he is. I never played the previous spider man games so this is my first time. The controls are a little difficult to get used to as a first time player, but once I started (no pun intended) getting the swing of it, it’s just been a joy! It’s a definite must have!

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5.00/5.00 November 11, 2019

Well Worth Your While

I bought this after playing God of War and it definitely holds up to Game of the Year Runner Up status. The graphics and plot are great and the ability to upgrade suits and skills throughout make it very compelling. Definitely recommend!!

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5.00/5.00 September 21, 2018

Spider-man is the man!

I love this game!!! Everything about it, any gripes i might have with this game and minor and nit picky at best and I can over look every last one of them!

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5.00/5.00 May 22, 2019

Super fun, but can feel repetitive at points

This game is really fun, it absorbs you into its universe and the game plays super well. My only gameplay issue is switching between the other characters, those sections are short but it breaks the pacing of the game. Once you get into the later points of the game, it does feel a bit repetitive but if you take a short break youll enjoy it again.

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5.00/5.00 October 10, 2019

Great evolution for the series!

I have never been a fan of souls like games but the surge’s unique setting has always interested me. The first game took me multiple tries to get into it due to the difficulty and I finally beat it a few days ago. I liked it so much that I immediately went out to purchase the surge 2 after i beat the first. I am glad to say that this game surpasses the first in terms of gameplay. The gameplay feels faster and more fluid than the first. In the first game i would evade every attack because I was no good at parrying but the new directional parrying system is a huge game changer to combat. It takes a while to master it but once you do it is so satisfying to be able to take on a mob of enemies slicing and dicing parts off! The character customization is decent but I feel a defined character like Warren from the first game could have made the narrative a little stronger. I really like the way the maps are made in these games, they always lead back to the med bays which makes exploration a must. Jericho city is alright as a setting but it doesn’t have that creepiness of being stuck in ground zero of the surge like the creo factory. The bosses are great albeit easier than the first’s game. The new upgrade system is great the addition of upgradeable injectables really help me get through some tough areas. At first I did not like that the health injectable relied solely on battery charges but it adds depth, every heal used is not given but earned which makes the gameplay much more satisfying. Overall the surge 2 is the best souls like game I have played (have not played bloodborne yet). I am very interested to see some dlc or a new entry that continues the narrative and brings back more characters.

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5.00/5.00 October 22, 2019

Excellent Game for Dark Souls Fans

If you played the first Surge then you will love this game. Majority of the game is similar to the first with a few added tweaks to the combat system. You can now parry attacks which is a helpful addition. The gameplay, bosses and combat are very similar to the Dark Souls games and Bloodborne. If you are a fan of these games then you will love this game. It is very addicting. I can't put the controller down. I would highly recommend it.

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3.00/5.00 October 27, 2019

Punishing but Intriguing

I wrote in another review that I preferred Code Vein to this game, but it does have some strong points. I really like the art design, and the combat definitely does have weight and impact.

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5.00/5.00 January 1, 2020

Great game!!!

The Surge 2 builds on what made the first game great! Creative Dark Souls like combat in a future universe. The twist is you can cut off enemies armor and weaponry and use it for your own! The environments are much more open than the first game giving a lot of variety and much more beautiful scenery. Strongly recommend this if you were a fan of the first game and Dark Souls/Lords of the Fallen!!

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5.00/5.00 September 25, 2020

Excellent Parry System

Parrying is the finest video game mechanic. It's really just the best. This game agrees and leans into it hard. If you hate the action games that continually ask you to learn enemy attack patterns so well that you can block an attack in its last handful of frames (like using riposte in a Dark Souls game), then Surge 2 will infuriate you to no end.

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5.00/5.00 October 27, 2019

Better than the 1rst one

Everyone is trying to compare this to souls. It’s a similar style for sure but I don’t think they are reviewing it fairly. Fast combat. Cool weapons. Loads of secrets and side paths. Character customization. It’s been great so far if you like a challenge and an interesting game world.

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4.00/5.00 November 7, 2019

Quality souls-like

For those seeking a challenging adventure in the dark souls vein, look no further. Deck13 improves on prior mistakes and delivers with a proper fun sequel. Great weapon variety and a maze of a map to navigate, the game is very hard, diverse and tough to put down. 4.4/5

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5.00/5.00 March 23, 2020


I really enjoyed the first game although it was pretty clunky and the sequel fixes all the issues from the previous entry. Anyone who likes souls-like games should at least try this game. It's not as challenging as other games in the genre but the combat is incredibly satisfying.

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5.00/5.00 July 27, 2020

Great Take on the Dark Souls

This is a futuristic Dark Souls game. This game deserves some love and it's really fun to play if your coming from playing Dark Souls franchise. If not, be ready to get punish and learn from your mistakes.

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4.00/5.00 October 16, 2019

Great gameplay! Better than first game!

I beat the first game and loves it, this game improves in almost all areas. I especially like that we can creat your own character this time. If you like dark souls, you will like this game!

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2.00/5.00 January 9, 2020

If you have any console system other than the Wii/Wii U it's better to buy it on those.

My family has loved the many incarnations of Just Dance for many years now. It's always fun to revisit previous years as well as each new edition. Ubisoft made the decision to continue making this game for the Wii console but they didn't offer a version for the Wii U. They were probably banking on the Wii U's backwards compatibility to make this game accessible to older Wii users as well as Wii U users. However, there are songs and features in this that apparently are only available on 8th generation consoles. If you don't know what those are they include the Wii U (supposedly some don't so I'm not sure if it would have worked here), Nintendo Switch, PS4 devices, and Xbox One Devices. I didn't know that when we bought it. We have a Nintendo Switch we could have purchased it for that console instead but decided to do it on the Wii because it's already hooked up to our large TV in our largest space. The Switch isn't, we use it mostly as a mobile gaming device as opposed to a Console attached to our TV. Had we known ahead of time that features and songs wouldn't be available then we wouldn't have purchased the Wii version to use on our Wii U.

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5.00/5.00 May 26, 2020

I use this with the Nintendo Switch. I'm single, an adult, live alone with no kids and I love this game as exercise! It's not just for little kids or for playing with other people, you can play alone and have lots of fun doing it! It gives you a workout that is so fun you dont even notice how long you've been exercising. Unlike with the treadmill, where every second is torture for me lol, this is fun, easy exercise and you burn so many calories. Everyday I just put this on, choose songs I like, and before I even notice I've been exercising for an hour and have burned hundreds of calories! My watch tracks my exercise/calories and it considers every minute I'm dancing as an exercise minute. The extra add on, Just Dance Unlimited, is a decent price for a year and it's totally worth it because it gives you a whole catalogue of songs instead of just the 40 in your game. It costs companies a lot of money to have the rights to use songs in their games which is why you have to pay for the service of unlimited songs. The add on price (around $25 for Switch users I think?) is way better cheaper than a gym membership.

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5.00/5.00 February 21, 2020

Another great addition

The game is great and the ability to use your smart phone in place of needing a connect is great. I do have an x-box one x with the adapter and kinnect, and the camera does great. It gets a little spotty as it is so sensitive that at times it picks up my lab (dog) as it walks by judging me for my lack of skill and somehow starts awarding it points for wagging its tail. All joking aside it is tons of fun. The all-star mode takes you through the years of games and in the end lets you unlock a song to dance to. It also has a mode that lets you join the world stage and see how you stack up against the other people dancing it out. Really adds an element to things when you are busting your rump to break into the top 10 of the 300 or more people dancing to claim the win. I would really encourage you to get this game if you are a dance fiend, or just enjoy some healthy fun with the family. My kids love it (8 yo, 4 yo). There is also a kids mode for the little ones just learning to shake their groove things.

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5.00/5.00 August 29, 2020

A great just dance game with nice song collection

Just dance 2020 has a nice song list with some very good option. My fiancee and I enjoy playing it as a form of entertainment and exercise. The all star mode is a welcome addition to the game that brought back some very good songs from older games. My only complain is the UI could be a bit easier to navigate and they should update the graphics for older songs as they looked outdated. If you have just dance 2019, I would recommend skipping this as there is not too many difference from that version. For the people that don't have that game, I would definitely recommend it, especially when it's on sale for $20.

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5.00/5.00 January 4, 2020

Fun for the whole family

This game has a great selection of songs for all ages, right from simple songs and fun characters for younger children, right up to more modern popular songs for the teens and even some older songs familia to the adults. It's easy to navigate through and we like that you can scroll through the songs or just uss the search feature if you have a specific song in mind. We also signed up for the Ubisoft free trial which unlocked a huge selection of songs. And the "World of Dance" challenge was a fun way to play songs from past years. It's a game that the kids love on their own, or that we play as a family with added controllers. Definitely recommend for anyone who loves to get moving!

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4.00/5.00 June 20, 2020

Nostalgic and Fun

I have loved playing Just Dance since the first one was released. It’s a fun way to get your heart rate up and just have fun (by yourself or with family/friends). The drawback to this version is you do not have access to most of the songs unless you buy the Unlimited expansion. There are so many good songs that the game makes it seem like it comes with, when in reality there’s a separate purchase needed to access them. Luckily, this game isn’t as expensive as most other switch games and I even got it on sale, so perhaps you get what you pay for and I should just bite the bullet and bug Unlimited. But worth knowing that before you purchase the game for sure.

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5.00/5.00 May 14, 2020

Fun & A Good Workout

I got this game to add to my daily workout regimen. It definitely makes me sweat, but I don't feel like I'm exercising. 15 minutes a day seems to be enough but I find myself wanting to do more. I love the option of being able to pay to add more songs, and might do so once I play all the available songs. It's a lot of fun and the song selection is very unique, a nice mix of songs I know and songs I don't. Look forward to playing this every day for the foreseeable future! As much as I love playing, I wouldn't want anyone to see me doing it. It's definitely pretty dorky!

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4.00/5.00 December 29, 2019

Fun dancing game with a decent song library

Every since the Wii, days Just Dance games have been coming out yearly. Kicking off the next decade is Just Dance 2020. The gameplay goes like this, you dance, you earn points. You have to follow the dance moves shown. Sometimes, the motion controls start to fade off and you're graded incorrectly, but it doesn't happen too much. The song library has some very good songs, and some bad. Just Dance 2020 is still a fun party games with family and friends.

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5.00/5.00 August 21, 2020

Fun way to get your exercise!

Got this game so the kids can get some exercise in while stuck at home. They really enjoy it and play so often that they’ve memorized the routines for some of the songs. Just dance unlimited adds many more songs to dance to. Currently finishing up the trial month and I’m trying to extend the access but unfortunately, trying to extend directly in game yields an error. Was able to purchase a pass to extend in the eshop but now I’m trying to activate and sync. Hopefully this works! Otherwise offline play is great!

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5.00/5.00 May 15, 2020

Great upgrade to 2019

Love this game, i really got it for my kids as they love Frozen. I like the updated song list, and that it imports your avatars and reads your settings from the 2019 version. I also like how you have the option to get the unlimited song catalog for specific time (week, month, more) intervals not just pay to play. I would recommend this to adults or families for a good time and plenty of laughs! It works best with a PS4 camera. Having the camera record your performance is the best bonus feature!

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