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2.00/5.00 November 30, 2018

Not as fun as the first game

I enjoyed the first Homefront a lot more than I expected and finished it in one sitting. This one, sadly, I struggled to play multiple times. The story, timeline, and whole plot of the game is really interesting, but I just couldn't take the way the game controls... There is this lag, either because of the frames per second or something, but it's frustrating trying to control the character and do things because of the delay the game has. It just doesn't feel as smooth as a game like Call of Duty or Borderlands. It just feels "slow", which the first game did as well, but it feels even worse here and that's unacceptable on the PS4/X1. I haven't played it for PC, which I may try later on, but I just can't recommend this game right now.

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5.00/5.00 September 26, 2016

Excellent Game..

Usually it takes me a few levels into a game to say whether I like it or not. Homefront The Revolution I really liked playing from the start. Great looking graphics and sound. The gameplay is excellent. You're fighting a well advanced enemy with basic automatic weapons and pipe bombs etc.. Destroy and capture, hack enemy technology and take control of their outposts. This in turn stirs up the enemy like a hornets nest and they counter attack sending in more forces to destroy all resistance. Some of the battles are fantastic, guerilla hit and run tactics work really well, and you even have a motorcycle to make your escape when low on ammunition and surrounded. Tense and compelling gameplay.. Excellent game at a great price...10/10.

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1.00/5.00 September 23, 2016

Terribly underdeveloped game

The original Homefront was an awesome game and I enjoyed hours and hours of taking on North Koreans.

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1.00/5.00 September 13, 2016

This game sucks, sorry.

I played this game more than enough. It suffers from boredom and an uninteresting plot. The story is just ridiculous and out of this world unreal.

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4.00/5.00 June 9, 2018

Good shooter

I don't understand the low scores given to this game. Once u get going, all the weapons and tools make the game pretty fun. Shooting wise it's a cross between Far cry and Metro games. The maps are like a urban Far cry, with jobs, outposts and things to find. The story's not great, but enough to get you through the different areas.

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1.00/5.00 February 21, 2017

Avoid like the plague

Seemed like a good value. I loaded it and played for an hour or so, and the next day the game refused to load. Loading screen would spin for 15 minutes or so and then timeout. Went to the boards and found this was a very common issue with both the XBox 1 version and the PS4. I've uninstalled and reinstalled to the same behavior. There's not an issue with the disc, but when the software sees an internet connection, it auto-updates and breaks immediately. Total waste of money. Seems like the game could be fun if it were in fact playable. I wish I would have seen the warnings before purchasing.

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1.00/5.00 September 11, 2016

Not very good.

This game is not very good. The predecessors Home front (2011) and Frontlines Fuel of War (2008) were ok but not match the other options out there to buy. It's a bit of a let down: this "reboot" story is a bit ridiculous, farfetched and turns reality on its head. The gameplay is just boring I simply stopped playing it. Will probably sell it. Nonetheless this is not Mightyape's fault. Better FPS games are due out soon. When the 1st Homefront title came out in 2011 there were tons of FPS games also releasing that year... BF3, MW3, and heaps of others. Few of them stood the test of time. I hope this Homefront series is put to rest.

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3.00/5.00 September 15, 2017

I loved the first one!

I read the reviews afterwards. This game is glitchy and it's if they knew it. They let you spawn back from where you began and sometimes progress is saved even without you being informed of a save point. At least this is my experience. It's really odd. You should fix this.

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2.00/5.00 January 30, 2018

Unbelievably broken game

This game was absolutely terrible I should have known better than to have bought it after reading so many negative reviews but it seems everybody was right. There are very little redeeming qualities and it seems as if the game was rushed and half finished. the weapons and combat are terrible and the missions are repetitive and extremely Bland the story is terrible and gives you no motivation to finish it. I honestly expected so much more from the developer because they, deep silver games usually make excellent titles. Do yourself a favor and get something else

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4.00/5.00 December 13, 2018

A lot better then I expected

so far so good. Read reviews about this game being this and that, but I'm not one to judge a game based on negative reviews. If anything, usually the games people have negative views about are the ones I actually find interesting. I'm in the story mode at the moment familiarizing myself with the game, but so far I'm enjoying it.

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Reviews and analysis of Realm Revolutions

The lands of England and Wales are ruled by powerful feudal nobles who cruelly oppress the people. They all have their eyes on ...