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5.00/5.00 May 20, 2020

Please Remember This

This Dystopian Future title sadly got forgotten. This title is more than you'd expect from a linear game. The slight bit of exploration and collectibles makes it fairly good. Honestly though it's the arcade like "combo system" is what keeps the game entertaining. Once the controls are mastered combat flows very well. Nilin is an Errorist and she has an ability that allows you to "remixing memories" as well. Which really made this game stand out for me. I wish this game had more levels and story to give us. But sadly the developer has given up on ever returning to this very cool and original idea.

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3.00/5.00 May 15, 2014

Boasts a few unique elements, but overall feels generic and derivative.

Remember Me comes off as one of those under the radar games. It didnt get much fanfare and I see it disappearing into obscurity in the near future, if it already hasnt. After playing through it, the lack of fanfare seemed a little justified. Overall, it is an average game with a few unique elements that it fails to capitalize on. Remember Me is pretty average graphically. Some of the levels look nice, but overall the levels tend to blend in together into a generic futuristic setting. The main characters model is nice to look at, mostly because of the form fitting outfit, but the enemies lack any variety. There are about 4 main enemy types. The Leapers are the most numerous and the most bland. The others arent much better. The music provides the right ambience, but is your run-of-the-mill futuristic, techno that tends to accompany games with similar settings. Voice acting is adequate, but nothing too special. The game play attempts to add some variety and uniqueness, but ultimately falls flat. The platforming elements are by-the-book. Mostly climbing up ledges and jumping from one ledge to another. The game does have an indicator of what ledges can be used, which is nice since it can be hard to tell where to go. There are a few puzzle elements that are pretty standard, but wont cause too much confusion. There was an attempt to make the fighting system more dynamic that it really is. You basically can customize your combos, which sounds like an awesome idea, but the system is too restrictive to make it more than a novelty. It has some use, but it feels like a nuisance instead of an enhancement to the game play. The most unique element is the ability to remix memories. You are basically changing a persons memory to change their behavior. It is a nice touch, but is underutilized and is mostly a process of trial and error. Remember Me ironically probably wont be remembered by many gamers. It is not a terrible game by any means. It is playable and kept me interested long enough to play it through. Unfortunately, I am not a typical gamer who probably wont have the patience to stay engaged through the game. If you are like me, then Remember Me is worth at least a play through.

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5.00/5.00 March 7, 2020

Intriguing story and excellent graphics

Intriguing story and excellent graphics is what I hear this game is all about. I'm currently collecting last gen titles which I missed out on and picking up as many as I can right now that they are cheap and easy to find. For $10 new I couldn't pass up this great reviewed title.

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5.00/5.00 May 1, 2016

It's a thought piece on the future of thought, memories, and the depth of societal control...from the pov of a hot, ass-kicking chick

This game reminds me of the ethical quandary of "how important are memories, and does their assigned intrinsic value we place on them diminish if we simply...traded or gave them away?" The game play is a bit "thick", in that it's not smooth and feels a little slow at times, but the story is compelling in of itself. I love the memory mix feature. Wasn't expecting to actually have to do that when I read the back of the case. Love this game. And Nilin is freakin' awesome.

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3.00/5.00 June 11, 2013

It's a platformer with extras

This game looks so cool with the idea of mixing memories. It is just a big platformer that tries to be cool. The combos are a mess to put together and there is no real tutorial on it. The game is a confusing mess story wise. You are jumped around everywhere. The load screens are longer than usual for a game like this. There is something about the game i love though. The memory mixes are great. They are fun puzzles.

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3.00/5.00 February 5, 2016

Good game by the folks at don'tnod. The game has a really unique mechanic in you can play with memories that unfortunately aren't more of in the game. The combat is pretty good though not nearly as deep or smooth as other character action games of its genre. Where it shines this game shines but in other places it falls flat and uninteresting.

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4.00/5.00 December 31, 2018

Good 2013 game

Remember me game is a competent game, but one can't shake the feeling it could be even more. The story is interesting, the soundtrack is wonderful as well and the vision is thought-provoking.

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5.00/5.00 June 28, 2015

Remember Me artistic and great fun.

This is one amazing video game. It is so unique. The storyline is very well written and the game play is pretty good. If you are a fan of fighting games like Mortal Combat but it isn't ever one on one. The graphics remind me of games like Everybody Loves Katamari, and very artistic like many modern comics of the day.

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5.00/5.00 December 3, 2015

This game doesn't get the credit it deserves. Great story, fun combat mechanic that allows you to switch up your combos on the fly so that the same button chains will have a range of different effects and work better depending on whom you're fighting, and some really interesting ideas it explores regarding memory. Don'tnod makes great games.

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4.00/5.00 March 14, 2018

The Main Character Is A Camel Towed Beauty !

Great Game For $10 Fun Story With Great Eye Candy From Nilin. Different Game Worth The Time . Pick It Up It's Worth The Time And The Hottest Girl Since Lara .

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Reviews and analysis of Lost in the Dungeon

A cyberpunk action title set in 2084, Remember Me puts players in control of Nilin, a memory hunter forced to roam the streets ...