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3.00/5.00 February 28, 2019

Although Fine, Displeased With the False Advertising

Although the game itself functions properly and hasn't given me any trouble thus far, I was disappointed to discover this was actually a used, pre-owned copy when the product details listed it as being 'New'. Furthermore, the disc itself isn't in the best of conditions-- even by used game standards. I'm an employee of GameStop and I know what the standards of pre-owned games are. However, considering the cheaper price I paid for it, I'm not too angry about it anymore because I feel I've gotten my value from it.

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5.00/5.00 May 24, 2016

It's The best we Got For now!

even though it Can get repetitive with the lack of enemy Variety i think EA Deserves more Credit Because Superman Returns For the XBOX 360 Made flying a Delight! plus shooting Robots and and Dragons with laser eyes and punching aliens in the face is a blast. Even though the Combat is a little Clunky using Superman powers with Combo chains is fun and Taking Civilians to the ambulance after a Destructive Battle will make you Feel Super . the Cast of Villains isn't the Best but ill give it an e for effort we have Mongal overcast Bizzaro and a Couple i Didn't recognize i wouldve added Nuclear Man but thats just me. you can fly and run super fast use super breath freeze breath and heat Vision so weather your Chasing Down super Fast Robots Stopping meteors or Punching Bizzaro in the Face for Saving people wink :-> as it Stands Superman Returns is a Solid effort by Ea that True Superman Fans and gamers should give a Shot also pick up Superman Returns The Movie while your at it Brandon Routh is a Terrific Superman

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2.00/5.00 May 18, 2009

Could have been so much better. Still playable though.

Introduction While I haven't had too much success enjoying Movie Tie in games, here is another one. A few websites list this game as a sandbox game, it definitely not like Grand Theft Auto or even Crackdown. It feels more like an RPG game where you have a main story line and side quests to progress. There might be a little spoiler but I will try my best. Content: While this has the same name as the movie, the game and the movie share very little in the storyline. The game itself is short to complete the main storyline. You get to face a half dozen or so villains in the Superman Universe. The side quests and achievements extend the life of the game but not by much and is very annoying. Game play: The first few mission you learn how to use Superman's super powers. The usual flying, running and punching, also you get to perform combo moves to deal extra damage. You can interact with most of the items and people in Metropolis, this can actually be more harmful because it part of the city's health that you have to maintain. Graphics: The game is third person. The graphics are ok at best and with the big city like Metropolis the interactive scenery just gets repetitive. Sound and Music: Little sound bits of Superman can be heard from time to time but most of the speech comes from cut scenes. The music doesn't have the feel like the movies where you have a large orchestral score. Difficulty: This is a very easy game. If "Superman" is defeated you just continue where you left off. Once you lean each villain's weakness you will defeat them with ease. You can most likely finish the game in one day. Final Thoughts: This game is a rental game. While you can find this in most bargain bins. You rarely find a good movie tie in game and this game proves that. While it did have a good starting point, I feel the programmers didn't execute it properly and was rushed out the door.

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1.00/5.00 July 5, 2016

Got the wrong order.

I purchased this game just to find out it's a normal CD with Superman Returns print on or something. It's not a ps2 game. It doesn't run on PS2. I tried to run it on 3 different playstations which I tested to be working with other games but not the Superman. Any chance you could send me a real version of the game? Because I clearly didn't get what I ordered

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5.00/5.00 September 2, 2011

Superman Returns - he truly does!

If you like comic books/DC/Marvel cartoons or films, you'll love this! The best Superman game of all time! The pros: 1. Heat sight - burn your enemies, 2. Ice breath - freeze your enemies, 3. Superbreath - blow your enemies away, 4. Superspeed - chase your enemies on foot, 5. Flying - fly as high, far and fast as you want... ish! The cons: 1. Flying could be faster - seems a little slow sometimes, but I guess you need to be able to control the character! That's it! Brilliant!

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1.00/5.00 July 9, 2007


I originally decided to buy this game because of the hype that was built around it. It was supposed to be the most GLORIOUS Superman game ever created. The game play was supposed to put you at the helm of the only never ending power in the Universe after GOD and JESUS CHRIST Himself. Well, it was more akin to playing Superman on the N64. Gameplay is super cumbersome and monotonous. It is very hard to play and so I finally turned it over to a close friend who is a much more experienced gamer himself. He still has the game three months later and states that he is still trying to beat because it is just to hard. It is hard to control, the camera angels are terrible, the game play makes you feel week, you cannot possibly destroy enough stuff between pointless boughts with more drones or whatever the heck they are throwing at you, and all of the gameplay is completely and aimlessly spread out. I hope you don't buy this game. I hope you do not even rent it. If you have a friend who owns it, borrow it from them for the weekend. That is enough to make you hate it anyway.

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4.00/5.00 December 23, 2006

Superman's Return to Glory???

Pros + A huge world to fly through with a few familiar faces & old enemies to fight. + A real sense of being Superman. Fly at dizzying speeds. Lift massive objects. Use unbelievable powers to save or destroy. + You can use cheat codes if you want to. Cons - Lots of glitches, some frustrating moments running & flying, & some annoyingly hard enemies. - Missions are repetitive and can interfere with other things around the city you may want to do more. - No real depth after you get past flying through Metropolis as Superman. Not enough interaction with the city. - Graphics are smoother but not really an improvement over the Xbox except for being shinier. Comments Fans have waited for a great Superman game for awhile. Superman Returns delivers an enjoyable ride as Superman that is not as frustrating as the games that have came before it but still lacks deliveriing the most complete experience. Some of the cutscenes look quite nice but most of the dialogue is cheesier than the movie. Any fan of Superman should love this game though. Verdict A must have for any hardcore Superman fan but probably only a rental for the rest of the world. 3.5/5

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5.00/5.00 October 29, 2019

Awesome game

Grew up with comic books and t.v. Superman. Absolutely great

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