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5.00/5.00 November 1, 2019

Nintendo Has Another Hit

In my opinion - Nintendo truly shines the brightest when it has great single player action games (Mario, Zelda, etc..). The Luigi's Mansion franchise has been a fan favorite as well and the 3rd edition of this game does not disappoint!!

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5.00/5.00 November 6, 2019

Luigi's Mansion 3 a very scary good game!!!

When I first heard of Luigi's Mansion 3 finally releasing on the Nintendo Switch. I was so excited and hyped, since I played the first two games I am hoping the 3rd game in the trilogy will be just as good as the other two. So I couldn't wait until Halloween day to play the game, that's why I pre-ordered the game at Wal-Mart for $65 to play it day one. When I got the game on October 31st, I was so excited I couldn't wait to play it on my switch. When I started the game, it starts off with a beautiful animated cut scene, and I can tell in my opinion that this game is already looking really good so far. When you start the playing the game as Luigi, its so exciting for the main character to get poltergust vacuum and get ready to suck up ghost in a new mansion. The game looks so clean, and really runs smoothly on 30 fps, the game is almost flawless. But here are some cons about the game. The story almost pretty much the same, King Boo captures Mario in a new mansion just like the previous two games, but the only thing different is King Boo does not just capture Luigi's brother. He captures princess Peach, and almost all the Toads. Also when you play the game you don't really go into a mansion, you go into a huge tower hotel, and the game is called Luigi's Mansion, but I guess i'm fine with a huge hotel instead of mansion, but it almost looks like a mansion, but overall everything inside the hotel makes it look like a scary spooky mansion run by ghastly ghosts like the two previous games. I have played the game for almost a week, and I'm really having fun playing the game on my switch on TV mode and handheld mode. I am still not yet finished with the game, it is kind of difficult going through some puzzles and and boss fights in every floor in the hotel, but I like the difficulty in the game, its challenging and I like that. Overall the game is fun, and in my opinion probably top 5 best switch game, and I think it is game of the year contender. So if you own a Nintendo Switch, this is a must buy, if you love the Luigi's Mansion series!!!

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5.00/5.00 November 9, 2019

Amazing Game

I have played the previous installments of the Luigi's Mansion franchise and I must say that this game stands up to its predecessors!

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5.00/5.00 May 11, 2020

Literally borrowed a Switch to test this out

So I haven't played any other Luigi's Mansion except for the GC version and that was wayyyy back when I actually still had a GC.

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5.00/5.00 December 19, 2019

Best entry in the seires

From the moment I turned the game on, I knew this game was the absolute next level of the Luigi's Mansion series. Beautiful graphics with smooth frame rate, music and sound effects that makes one feel like you can get immersed into this spooky universe, visuals to wow your sense of sight, and tight gameplay that has plenty of challenge for the player. Each floor is so unique, it's like going into a new world every time that elevator opens up, and just like every floor, every boss has a way to beat him or her. Some are easier than others, while others are just hard to figure out, but satisfying to take down. Almost all the mechanics from the two prior games are here, improved and closely perfected, then we have a few new mechanics and features to help hunt down ghosts and solve puzzles, and though many would disagree with me, having Gooigi is fun and I just LOVED calling him to solve new puzzles, whether it be on the stage, or on the boss battles. Also, anyone can pick this game up, be it casual or hardcore gamer, and the controls will feel intuitive, and easy to manage.

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5.00/5.00 November 8, 2019

Luigi is back and more frightened than ever!

Luigi’s Mansion was a phenom when it was released for the GameCube. It was Nintendo being brave and putting the secondary brother forward as the main character to drive them into the next generation. Despite the slower and methodical gameplay, coupled with questionable controls Luigi’s Mansion was cemented as a solid foundation for the series to build upon.

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5.00/5.00 November 1, 2019

Absolutely In Love

Literally can't stop talking about how much I love this game. GameCube was my first console and Luigi's Mansion was one of the first games I got next to Super Mario Sunshine.

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3.00/5.00 March 22, 2020

Pretty Fun but Could Have Been Better

I bought the original Luigi's Mansion when it first came out back on the Gamecube and it quickly became my favorite game of all time and still stands as such to this day so when I played 2 and 3 I held them to a VERY high standard and while 2 fell flat 3 came fairly close.

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4.00/5.00 July 11, 2020

Solid addition to the series

I really enjoyed the first two Luigi's Mansion games and was surprised when we finally got a third. You'll be ghost hunting in one big location again like in the original game, but all the floors are themed and feel like separate stages. The game is very fun and has a lot of neat ideas. The production values are high with great graphics and sound, and you're getting your money's worth with a lengthy single player campaign that ends just as it starts to wear out its welcome. Exploring is my favorite part, and I especially liked finding the hidden gems on each floor, but some of them were hidden in some really non-obvious ways. Also the movie studio themed floor has some clever puzzles, but I spent longer figuring them out than the others since they weren't as intuitive, almost to the point of being frustrating.

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3.00/5.00 February 21, 2020

A so-so, samey sequel to a phenomenal game

If the original Luigi's Mansion goes down in history as one of the GameCube's most unique and fun games, then Luigi's Mansion 3 will go down in history for being more of the same.

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Reviews and analysis of IS Defense

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