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5.00/5.00 April 11, 2007


This series is in full swing. 12 more levels of full control combat action that is better than the first title. You still have full controll over team or teams with flanking, supressing and such. Even get an occasional head shot in. Call in some support and watch the show. How can a combat sim get better, I guess with the next release. This is no first person shooter, This game requires split secound commands that determine if you live or die. You have to give wounded fast medical attention or every one dies. You do have interaction you wont find in a clancey game.The full Spectrum series are very hard, the test your ability to command. You dont push a joy stick to make these guys move, You have to pin point an exact locaion to send them. Split your team for some real action. Graphics are excellent, game play excellent, action may leave you wounded. Weapons are real , no duke nuke em style stuff here. Getting use to the controlls is hard. This series is a new wave of sim playing. Its all about being a leader. do you have what it takes to command in the sh$$. You will find out with this game. You will have to play through this several times to really beat this game. You will be rated after each mission on command skill and combat skill and awarded medals as deserved. THIS GAME GETS MY RED EYES AND SORE HANDS AWARD. I WONT SELL MY COPY

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2.00/5.00 September 29, 2007

The sequel you can do without

This had potential to be improved and refined but THQ blew it. This game cannot compete with games like BLACK/COD/MOH. I cannot compete with other tactical shooters either so where does that leave it? Out in the cold. I bought it thinking it would have potential. It disappointed me. I would rate it a 5/6 out of 10. I love the combo of FPS plus tactical shooter, but the game was poorly made. 1. Once one Soldier is hit you experience a "time freeze" and most times cannot do anything but watch everyone get whacked. 2. The game is poorly written (very shallow environments, lots of snags and slow frames) 3. The fire team has very very little AI. In other words if you see an armed enemy they wait to shoot at it (Duh) 4. I have cleared the British level so far and the game offers very few options (it is very linear) 5. The same old weapons over and over

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3.00/5.00 August 25, 2006

pretty average

i mean don't get me wrong but the first game was better. This time, the game controls are even more advanced and you can't just breeze through the game no matter how good you are because the computer's AI is pitted against you;even if you follow the guide in the book the enemies would still kill you no matter how good you are. there is no "quicksave" in the game; (this sucks because you'll have to restart alot)and the saving point that is in the game are few. this game show signs of being rushed out into the market (for example, in the bridge section, it is unwinnable, you got to do a cheat to get to the other levels; clear sign of being not tested in the market).I do not recommend this game to beginners. I bought it because i thought that it would be good as the first sequel. Don't get me wrong, this game isn't all that bad. There are few times when it is actually fun and the graphics are quite realistic. However if you Do finish the game, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

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4.00/5.00 July 3, 2007

Great Training Simulation

Overall, an excellent view of what MOUT is all about. Realism is pretty decent and the AI can give you a run for your money at times. Ten Hammers improves upon the previous FSW with a better control over your troops, the ability to have your fire teams inside select buildings, and a precision firing mode (can be a bit tricky at times). That doesn't say much for the overall controller layout and gameplay interface. Difficult for those who want action now, Ten Hammers is more about patience and clear tactical thinking than just charge the room with guns blazing (doesn't work in the real world...sorry).

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5.00/5.00 August 26, 2013

Better the second time around

Ten Hammers is by far one of the best war sims on the market today! Realistic graphics, actual squad based warfare tactics, enemy A.I. that advances as your game play does, and I can go on and on! This is a must have!

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5.00/5.00 March 2, 2011

Great game!

Great game. I recommend this to any one who likes shooter games. We play this everyday. It does have a lot of fowl language, so I turn down the volume. It has a lot of different point of views as far as the players goes.

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5.00/5.00 September 7, 2006

full spectrum: ten hammers

for those that like military sims this is it, takes a bit to get used to the controls but once you do its very good, graphics have been improved, the AI is also very good and the varying degrees of difficulty makes it all the more interesting, not a game to finish in 1 or 2 hours especially with the different difficult settings. its definitely not a kiddie game meaning you just don`t go in shoot it up and finish, in this gane you pay for your mistakes, its very strategic, it gives you a mission how you acomplish it with you team and equipment is up to you. i recommend it.

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4.00/5.00 September 2, 2007

Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers (Playstation 2)

If you liked the first one your gonna love this one too. This just aint a point and shoot em up game . This game make you think . You can play it over and over and try different way and tactics to get by your enemy . I really like playing this game .

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5.00/5.00 April 27, 2017

The Challenge of Victory

It is challenging. To find way to defeat the enemy.

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1.00/5.00 March 7, 2008

A waiste of money

This is the most boring game I have ever played.I waiseted money buying this one. You cant move around in the game on yourown,and you cant even shoot where you want to.This game should be taken off the shelves before too many people throw away their money on this game.The controls are very complicating also.

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Reviews and analysis of Hammer 2

IN THIS BATTLE... ONLY ONE WILL SURVIVE. Command ratchet and his allies through strategic battles as she fights to take down a ...