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4.00/5.00 June 26, 2020

Great game for 4k TV's

The game itself is good but I prefer the Forza Horizon series. With Motorsport series you get a linear experience and just straight to the races. But because there is no wide open world for the system to load, this game looks and runs amazing. Talking 4k and 60 fps on a Xbox One X.

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4.00/5.00 July 20, 2020

Great Sale Price for Latest Version

Bought this at sale price that was lower than used prices at other outlets.

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5.00/5.00 December 3, 2017

New Ideas Mar the Game a Bit

As a long time player of the series, I've played all of the different Forza titles that Microsoft has offered to us consumers, & while this title is more of the same, it does offer many different, if odd, design choices. I do not own a Xbox One X so I can't speak on the 4K graphics that are on offer. As for the Xbox One graphics, there are some odd things that happen if you decide to notice them. Dashboards from the outside of the cars are flat but are fully featured once you get the inside view of the car. The rain splashes look pretty cartoony & the textures from long distance cars sometimes show as black silhouettes, but fix once you get closer. I'm pretty sure these graphical problems go away in 4K, but I can't tell you. The sounds are more realistic this time around as they seem to have more clunks & bash sounds on offer from the previous games, although running over something in the road makes it sound like you hit the side of the car with a hammer sometimes. Inside the car the motors sound more like if you were actually inside of the car, as they focused on that this time around. I couldn't say how accurate they all are, as there are more than 700 cars in the game this time around. These 700 cars come mostly from the previous games in the Xbox One lineup of Forza Motorsport 5, 6, and Horizon 2 and 3. There are also more vehicles that have been added that are all new, with more coming as paid DLC. The cars in the game are handled strangely, as they are both collectable & disposable at the same time. Each car has been given a collectable score based on how much the car is worth in the game, & each car is assigned a group as well as something called Homogilized (sp). This is an effort to make the cars more similar in races & all cars have specific requirements in their classes, forcing you to use specific builds instead of experimenting with the car like in previous titles. This is great for new players to the series, as you can have a good car without having to tune it up, but for veterans of the series who know how to build great cars that can dominate the competition it can be a bit stifling. For the single player career you will also only be using these cars for a single championship & then never using it again until you decide to use it in the few Open championships among the 6 groups. You might be allowed to use the vehicle in multiplayer, but you have to wait for a specific hopper to show for that car, with very few options for public open lobbies. You can also race in a private lobby with your friends as well in any car you have, with the possibility to rent a car, but you won't get payouts if you rent. You also have the issue of many cars hidden behind a lock, with a few special options for getting these cars instead of buying them outright, which limits the number of cars you can buy. In order to gain the ability to buy vehicles in the higher tiers you must purchase the lower tier cars to get your collector score up which can take some time. If you have a championship that requires a car in a higher tier, such as Early Prototypes which are mostly tier 4, you will need to continue racing to buy more cars you may not want. This was not seen as a great idea by many fans of the series. As for longevity, the career races can be lengthened to suit how much you want to race, as well as many options for making the cars easier to drive. Changing the length of the career races is as easy as going into assists & you have 3 options; normal, long, & extra long. Normal can be a quick 2-6 lap race depending on how long the course is & can be tough against higher AIs with the more equal cars, forcing you to drive more aggressively than you may want to. Long can make the races last between 15-20 minutes & gain you more money, while Extra Long can make races last nearly an hour. The rewards for running such a long race can be very substantial & allow one to gain much money in the game. This game can take a while. Enjoy it.

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3.00/5.00 January 10, 2018

To be honest, more of the same

When my friends bought this game I felt obliged to follow suit (to join them in multiplayer), and to be honest I feel a tad let down. Yes, the graphics are great (mostly - more in a minute). Yes, there's a good 'feel' to the cars when driving, and yes there are more cars available than you'll ever dream of owning, but there are downsides too (when compared to previous versions). For starters, I really object to being excluded from the numerous additional car-packs unless I spend an fortune (as if the game isnt pricey enough). Compare with the years of free upgrades provided for Grand Theft Auto, for instance! Secondly, the very simple feature of showing the distance/time to the car in front/ behind in your HUD appears to have vanished, and that can be important. Thirdly, there's a very odd sideways motion with one of the graphics shaders giving a very strange (and stomach churning) sensation when you're concentrating. In addition, at some tracks the surface is simply so dark it's virtually impossible to see where you're going! The lighting effects are beautiful, but its a step too far. Fourth, there are still 'glitches' in the software. There's one achievement that should have unlocked for me days ago, but I'm still showing at 0% progress ("Unrivalled", which I gather a lot of other Xbox users are complaining about). And lastly, they still haven't adequately addressed the problem of little kids acting like idiots in multiplayer and ruining everyone else's games. I've so far found one 'ghost' mode event, but at the rest its simply carnage. Actually, I do have one final gripe! I've been playing this series for years and (if I say so myself) I'm actually pretty good. However, even with my cars upgraded to the limit in Forza 7 I just see the other competitors driving away into the distance! I therefore deduce that a) there are a lot of people using cheats, or b) there's way too much emphasis thats been placed on tuning (I'm a driver not a mechanic, who I'd be paying to sort the car out for me)! So there we are - a basically good game let down by some irritating niggles. I think they're trying too desperately hard (change for the sake of change) and flogging a dying horse. Stick with Forza 5 - things haven't changed that much. : / PS Ebay, simple yes/no responses are not adequate. Five star ratings are also required required for graphics, gameplay & value!

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3.00/5.00 October 27, 2017

It's getting better, but...

Allow me to first say, I have played Forza games since Forza Motorsport 2, so I've been through almost all of the evolutions the series has gone through (and all 3 Horizon games too). I also don't know what the length is capped to, but I'm gonna write some new stuff first and copy/paste my first impressions after 12 hours of play at the bottom.

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5.00/5.00 July 3, 2020

A solid entry into the Forza series!

It's fast, it's fun, it's Forza! What more can I say? It's not as over-the-top as Horizon, it's a bit more on the simulation side of things, but if you are really into car collecting, tweaking, and racing; This is the game for you. It has a great online presence and the simulation races are a lot of fun. Only drawback is the standard edition is light on the DLC, but there is still plenty of freebies for this purchase alone. Also, a great place for easy acheivements to begin.

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2.00/5.00 January 18, 2018

Beautiful 4k, gameplay issues & microtransactions

This was the first game I got for the XBOX One X to play on my new 4k projector. First, it is stunning in 4k. The actual racing in the game is as good as ever, but the limitations on how you can play are incredibly frustrating.

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2.00/5.00 January 2, 2018

Like a supermodel, it looks amazing but quickly gets tedious..

I love racing games and I wanted to love this game, but I just cant. First up, the graphics are stunning even when not in 4K, particularly when racing in the rain: just gorgeous. Theres some problems though. First up, every car you race seems to have tyres made from teflon because you are CONSTANTLY skidding everywhere. It feels like you have to creep round every corner to avoid sliding off the track. Its not "challenging" or "technical": its just tedious as hell. Next up, there are over 700 cars (!!) which sounds good but most of them are shite. I mean, do you really want to race a 1992 Honda Civic- There are 30 tracks but they are (almost) all race circuits and so every race is pretty much the same. So all up, waaay too many cars, not enough tracks and NOWHERE NEAR enough different race modes. I mean, you can buy rally cars, but there are no rally tracks. You can buy Ken Block-style gymkhana cars, but there are no rallycross events. There's a bunch of off-road vehicles but no offroad racing. Finally, there is no story or campaign or narrative of any kind and so the whole thing just feels soulless and empty. Even the football game FIFA has a campaign mode with a story that ties it all together, but in this its just "Heres 700 cars: go race them 5,000 times on the same 30 tracks. Good luck".

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5.00/5.00 September 26, 2020

Forza - What more can I say?

I got this on a deal for 9.99 and it is an excellent racing game. Tonnes of cars, challenges, customizable difficult, assists, and ofcourse in game rewards.

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5.00/5.00 June 13, 2020

Great graphics but is it better than part 6?

Mhm I like the game. It’s graphics are great. The menus. I can help but feel like everything is locked behind some paywall. In 6 you already had a ton of cars off the jump. When you load up you can tell there are gonna be cars you want that you’ll have to use actual cash for. I did get this for cheap so I would recommended if you paid less than say 20 or so. That way you can buy the dlc with the savings

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4.00/5.00 June 24, 2014

Showcasing cars from the real world to your home with upmost Beauty. :)

Great game for anyone who loves cars for their detail and variety. This game is quite different from the traditional racing games such as the need for speed or burnout series. It can be challenging to adjust to this type of gameplay because for one every location in this game is a track there is no open drive freedom. Second, rather than the automatic transmissions you experience in the simpler racing games you actually have to shift up and down, and also the driving is more realistic the handling, control acceleration, and etc. There are settings of difficulty you can change in order to suit your needs of playing this game as a beginner, however I do warn you playing on the easier difficulties can get repetitive, and dull since on the easiest difficulty the game even brakes for you. Aside from all the negatives lets move on to the positive aspects of this game. First of all the amount of ways you may customize your vehicles exterior are limitless, not only that the way you can customize the ways you can modify its performance are also extremely satisfying. Next off the amount of detail and definition in every vehicle is absolutely stunning. If you are someone who enjoys the looking at cars like at a car show. This game is for you. I believe just to admire the huge variety of cars in this game is worth the money. I hope this review has been helpful to those who are considering buying this game. Thanks for reading! :)

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5.00/5.00 April 18, 2020

Great if you never want to see your child

My son loves this game. I bought this because my 10 year old wanted every Forza game. He will not stop playing. The graphics are amazing and the car selection s are great! It also works well with his steeri g wheel and pedal combo.

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2.00/5.00 July 22, 2019

Made a good game bad

They just took a good , fun game and changed it into a big cut scene show. Made it much more difficult to adjust car settings. You now have to go clear back to your garage to adjust any setting on your car. Made a mess out of the racing modes. Very hard to race and win. Very hard to advance through the levels. Forza Motorsports 3&4 are much better and are just more fun to play

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3.00/5.00 September 8, 2016

Good but Overall Boring...

Graphically gorgeous, the game seems to take so many steps back from previous iterations. Career mode is a convoluted mess. The ability to find decent tunes from the online section is non-existent thanks to an inability to rate things. And with the Forza Horizon sub-series taking the series into open-world, it would seem that time has passed by Forza. Only get it if you are EXTREMELY into car culture. Otherwise, if you're just looking for a fun racing game, check out the Horizon series. If you're super into sim-type racing, you'd be better suited to get even a low-end PC and pick up any number of games that do sim-racing better. This isn't a bad's just...uninspiring.

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5.00/5.00 January 14, 2015

The grapics is what your really paying for, stunning rich graphics.

Continuing the Forza family and this is the most graphically stunning one of them all. So many modes! And the paint store, every single car is extremely detailed. It looks so real you can touch it. This is definitively better then any other racing game, it may be at a stalemate with Grand Turismo though. Overall, this game is worth buying. One thing I dislike about it is that the Xbox One has to upload most of the race tracks on the forza 5 server because there's so much data. You can't play online without the downloaded tracks. That's perhaps the only thumbs down. So play the waiting game! It may take hours!

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5.00/5.00 January 1, 2020

Fantastic experience, for driver gamers who want that “low to the ground” feel of a true track racing experience. I have played many of the Forza titles, and aside from FH4 and F7 this is a great track racing experience to add to your Forza or racing game collection!

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5.00/5.00 April 1, 2014

Fun game, great graphics and awesome variety of cars to drive.

My husband purchased the Xbox One with games for our grandchildren and children to play. We like to watch car racing so when I came across this game I thought it might be fun. Well let me just tell you that my husband is hooked on this game. He is on it every free chance he has. He is always talking about the badges he has earned, what his infinity and driver level is...he gets totally pumped playing Forza 5. He is in competition with my 7 year old grandson and is always trying to out beat him. My grandson is learning about car parts and what will and won't make your car better. We are having a lot of family fun with this game and highly recommend it. This is our only racing game, so can't really compare to others...we are hooked on Forza 5.

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5.00/5.00 May 28, 2019

A very realistic car game. Insane. The amount of detail that went into this is great and really fun. Its hard to play at first because they made it so realistic to actually driving a car that you have to work on getting used to it for a bit. After than that theres lots you can do with events.

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5.00/5.00 April 1, 2014

Excellent game as always.

I have to say, any of the Forzas have been the most realistic racing games I've ever played. Even better than the Gran Turismos of the time. If you've played the others the physics and gameplay hasn't changed too much, apart from the AI is better in this one as it takes skills from drivers from across the globe and pits you up against other peoples trained AI counterparts. The graphics are excellent, at a glance as with all other XBONE titles they don't look like a massive leap from the 360, but if you look more carefully you will see much more detailed textures, better reflections, and more detailed objects at the side of the track, the cars look amazing too, inside and out.

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Reviews and analysis of Forza Street

Forza Motorsport 5 is a cinematic automotive journey starring the worlds greatest cars and tracks. Built from the ground up to ...