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5.00/5.00 May 25, 2010

Fear Effect

I owned this little gem of a game back in 2000 when it came out. This is one of those great games that no one bought. The graphics were amazing for the time. The backgrounds are all hand draw or water color, not sure which one but regardless it looks amazing. Game play is "Resident Evil" style in the movement of the player. Four discs of deep story and action packed gameplay. Do yourself a favor and pick this up. Just wait till you get to the end, never saw it coming.

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5.00/5.00 September 16, 2020

i love it

i love this game a lot thinks but this game not easy to play thinks Jonathan Caruso

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4.00/5.00 February 10, 2011

Fear Effect

An enjoyble game with a wtf kinda story. Recomended for all who enjoy horror games and the macbre themes. It also is one the first games to feature truly cinematic scenes at certain moments in the actual gameplay. 8-10

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5.00/5.00 May 1, 2019

Must play for Resident Evil fans.

Is good. Classic good play.

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5.00/5.00 August 13, 2008

Amazing Cartoon/3D Enviro Mix

Fantastic game that really provides a challenge! Cool effects, super difficult, quick and easy to use controls. The game IS four discs...mainly due to the high graphic volume that the game requires to display wicked cool cut scenes.

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5.00/5.00 June 7, 2016

Reliving childhood nostalgia

Great condition, decent price, and if you grew up with this game it's a no brainer.

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5.00/5.00 September 24, 2019

collectors item at best

thanks, now i can add it to my ps1 collection

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5.00/5.00 April 13, 2009


The game is one of the PS classics. It is different than Resident Evil, but somewhat have the same asspect. Great game to play over and over. Only bad part is the camera angles.

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5.00/5.00 November 9, 2012

Excellent Game!!!

Excellent product, I am a collector of old games and am buying the great classics of various platforms, I recommend this product to everyone!

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5.00/5.00 February 5, 2020

Thank you

Awesome game worth playing.

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Reviews and analysis of Fear Effect Sedna

Thrilling action and stealth gameplay enhanced by the Fear system, an exciting story and ultra-stylish cutscenes. Harness your ...