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4.00/5.00 March 1, 2017

Good immersive game. Reminds me more of the first one which I loved.

First and foremost, Deus Ex Human Revolution had me hooked from start to finish just like the first one did. It's a pretty solid game. There was one instance where I was literally stuck in an elevator shaft with no place to go. I probably spent a good 45 minutes looking around trying to find a place out. But other than that issue the game was flawless for me. As for gameplay, I thought it was well done. Obviously it isn't the same as the first one and I didn't expect it to be. But if you were good at sneaking around in the first one, you'll be just fine in this one. One review I read in Maximum PC magazine was that the boss fights are actually more difficult if you choose stealth as your primary way of fighting... That is very true. I played the game through on the hardest setting. Nothing was all that difficult if done right except for the boss fights. The boss's take a ton of damage and do a ton of damage. If you don't specialize in some kind of ballistics you're going to have a bit of a hard time, and that's why it always took me as long as it did. The other thing that was a bit of a let down was the hand to hand take downs. You see the preview for the game via online or TV and you see Jensen killing guys with his bare hands and you think you get to do that... Not the case.Just sneak up on a guy and with the press of a button the game takes over and does it for you. Granted, it doesn't take away the coolness aspect it, but it would be nice to do those kinds of things yourself. I thought the story line was done pretty well. One of the best story lines a game has ever given me was the first Deus Ex. Human Revolution isn't as good, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it had it's own twists and turns just as anyone familiar with the Deus Ex series would expect. In the end, was the game worth full price? In my opinion no game is worth 50-60 bucks. But if you could pick it up for $25 or less knowing what kind of game you're getting it's worth it. If a sneaky fps isn't the kind of game you like, Deus Ex isn't for you.

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5.00/5.00 July 2, 2015

Conspiracies, Conspiracies Everywhere!

In Deus Ex, you take the role of ex-police turned chief of security Adam Jenson as you pursue the band of mercenaries who attacked the lab you were protecting and left you for dead, in a futuristic world of robotic body modification. Upgrade your senses, your skills, and your overall potential as you progress through the game, using your cunning and ingenuity to bypass foes or your might and firepower to blast through them. The way you choose to play and the way you interact with people both influence what's to come: the man you spare now might help you later, whereas the one you extort could come back to haunt you - every decision matters in some way or another. The game's general mechanics seem complicated at first, but are actually very simple and user friendly once you get used to them. Almost any initial flaw with your character can be solved by upgrading him. Whether it be the amount of time he can run or decreasing gun sway, anything and everything can be fixed. That goes to say that earning upgrade points can be difficult at times. Albeit you can actually buy very few, they're still scarce enough that it's better to ration them as needed. This game rewards patience - taking down enemies without killing them yields better experience, and completing missions without being seen offers bonuses. Every mission in the game can easily be completed by kicking in the front door and shooting everything that moves, but the game encourages you to take your time and think your way through situations.

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5.00/5.00 April 8, 2014

Give Me Deus Ex...

The year is 2027, its time of great innovation and technological advancement. It is also a time of chaos and conspiracy. In this prequel of the first Deus Ex game which was released in 2000, you play as the protagonist Adam Jensen, chief of security in Sarif Industries. Human augmentations are at large but during this time the illuminati are in control of the most powerful of corporations. An attack was launched on Sarif Industries by a black ops team just before Sarif and many scientists were ready to leave for Washington, including Adam's girlfriend and the time Megan Reed who discovered a big break through in augmentations. Megan and her team were supposedly killed during this attack. It is unavoidable to be thrown around by Jaron Namir, a mechanically augmented soldier, and Adam Jensen was almost killed if it was not for Sarif augmenting him completely. This game is legendary, it might not be the most popular, it might not be the most graphically superior game of the generation but considering a small team working on the game, the outcome is magnificent. There are many subtle hints and details creating their own storylines, linking with this storyline or referring to the first game. Throughout the game Adam questions his humanity e.g. "Am I more than human?", "What have I become?", "I never asked for this..." This is also the Director's cut which includes a documentary, commentary, improved graphics and gameplay and added dialogue. Positives: The detail put in from the small studio Eidos Montreal. e.g. e-mails. Elias Toufexis' voice. Storyline. Not many glitches. Emotion of characters. Great voice acting. You can play as you want, in stealth, all out gunning, loads of different ways. Many side missions. Improved graphics from the first game. Includes DLC, Tong's son's mission, the missing link. Interrogate certain characters. Much more. Negatives: Sound quality downgraded from the original (gun sounds are distorted at times) No city hubs in certain parts of the game like Panchea, Montreal. Missing link - you lose all your augmentations and weapons (not really a negative as you get access to lots of firepower at the end and also gets over 15 praxis kits). Dialogue is repeated if you keep on talking to the same civillian. Endings have nothing to do with how you play the game, the endings are just random and seem poor as there are 4 endings and all have a 2 minute long montage repeating the same clips with Adam Jensen talking over them. Overall: Great underrated director's cut of a great game. Not many negatives, strongly suggest for hardcore fans or people just looking for a fun game to play. Also includes 60 easily obtainable trophies for the trophy hunters (or achievement hunters for xbox). Great game for a bargain price. A must buy.

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5.00/5.00 November 18, 2013

Awesome game

The definitive version of one of the best games for the current generation of consoles (PS3, XBOX 360) - a great blend of RPG, FPS, stealth and action elements put in a grim cyberpunk setting of the future, that brings memories of the "Blade Runner" movie. If you liked the movie, you will love this game as well. And yes, it's also that good! Even though the graphics may not be on par with recent PS3 exclusive titles, the game as a whole is still a piece of art, with beautiful music and atmosphere that will literally take you away to a different world. So far I was only praising game setting, but the actual gameplay and game mechanics are excellent as well. There's a lot of freedom about how you approach your objectives and whether you become "a ghost" or a "one man army" is up to you and yeah, there is even a trophy for completing the game without killing anyone! Plus, levels in this game are huge and non-linear and there are usually a few ways to choose from when heading to your destination. I'd recommend the game to everyone who likes the series and/or stealth elements or dark sci-fi setting. It's also worth a second play through if you played the original release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as this one has revamped boss fights and improved graphics, not to mention all the DLC content and developer commentary. One more note on Zavvi's service: that was excellent! My order was dispatched immediately after I put the order and made the payment and got it in a few days, which is awesome considering it was sent outside of UK! Thank you!

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5.00/5.00 September 3, 2011

The next revolution in gaming

Deus ex human revolution the 3rd game in the series gives an unexpected experience for the classic deus ex players. This game was developed by Edios Montreal who are a new company and from this game it seems they will take the gaming industry by storm. deus ex human revolution is exceptional for the old school gamers and the newcomers. The game throws you into the cyperpunk world of Adam Jensen, ex-SWAT now is a chief of security for Sarif industrys the leading company in augmentation in the year of 2027. Before you can even begin to ask questions Jensen gets into a serious accident and is forced into the world of augmentation in order to save his life and countless others soon to come if you so choose. Now Jensen is brought back six months early from his operation and is on the hunt for his attackers. You must use your Augmentaions, deadly weapons and his innovative new takedowns to overcome his new challenges and explore the shatterd world of 2027 where one bad decision or selfish act could catch up with you at any moment or vise verse. The game is set out in 4 pillars. combat, stealth, social and hacking. These are the main guidlines in how one can play in deus ex HR. From a unstopple killing machine to a undetectable assassin the decision is all yours which makes deus ex that much special as you have the weapon of choice aspect through out the entire 25 hour or over experience. You probaly wont need a computer upgrade to run this game however the style of light and dark techniques stands out to any other game which makes the whole graphical style seem so realistic. Except for some stiff facial features which is only noticable due to the incredible realism throughout the rest of the game. The audio is a fan favourite for the old players as you will recognize some of the tracks which players will drool over. There is also new tracks which are a welcome edition as they add even more realism to the world with some truly incredible tracks. Edios Montreal also nailed the weapon sounds and robot mechanics as you hear every click and buzz of their original take on futuristic audio. However some dialouge is a not well written but considering how much there is so much this game does right you will not even care for it. Deus ex Human Revolution is a must buy for any players of the original or newcomers to the genre as it does so much right with few little flaws it shows the effort the was put into making this incredible that is Deus ex.

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3.00/5.00 November 14, 2013

Great Game poor edition

Deus Ex is as good as it ever was but without any burning reason to play it again if you have already. The yellow filter used in the game is toned down this time, but it draws more attention to the lackluster stilted character animation which remains unchanged. The cut scenes are still a blurry mess and kill the immersion in the story. Some changes to the gameplay boss fights are both a blessing and a curse depending on your play style. The integration of the DLC into the main campaign is as it should have been to start, but its a positive move. The HD textures are very hard to spot and in some circumstances result in artifacts and black patches. It is supposed to support Intel's tablets/phone implementation on the PC which allows elements of the game to be played on a touch device. However this is still listed as "coming soon" weeks after this games release. Who know it if will ever see the light of day and what CPUs it will actually support. There are also some frame rate bugs on Nvidia systems which are supposed to be fixed in a patch, but it is concerning that new bugs have been introduced to an old game. Hard to recommend this title unless you did miss the first one, the WiiU version is probably a better pick.

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5.00/5.00 October 29, 2011

Deus Ex HR AE

This game is a MUST for any Deus Ex Fan OR anyother player which likes a GooD Action RPG:) It might be a Single Player game but packs many hours of game play and even a fair amount of replay value, due to the amount of Achievements based upon the various playing styles offered in game. How can you play Deus Ex? Basically in various ways, Stealth, Run & Gun or even as Hacker to gain control of doors, cams and robots to play the game in a more tactical way by also gaining easier access to various areas. Virtually all weapons can be modified to increase their stats and this modification also changes the look and feel of the weapons. But really they look very nice when modded:) This game is a Cross between various other games. Some titles which come to mind almost instantly while playing Deus Ex are: Metal Gear Series, Splinter Cell Series, Mass Effect and even Gears of War (for the way the character works in 3rd person view). The game is in 1st person view, then it switches to 3rd Person View when you take cover and when you fire from cover - it works perfectly smooth the way it switches automatically from one view point to another:) You can also do "Take Downs", a sort of Stealth attack which You can decide if you wish it to be a passive attack or leathal. In other words yes you can decide to knock them out or kill them. The is even an Achievement to finish the game using only Non -Leathal Take downs (Only Boss Kills are allowed).The game play isn't liner, you can decide how you want to move around the map:). You can even take down 2 people at the same time which looks very cool and the camera switches to 3rd person view so you can see the action better when he does these special moves:) Graphics i'd give it 8/10 but gameplay 9.5/10 very smooth and flexable. Story deserves a 9/10, you can change the way the game evolves based upon how you play it and due to this reason it has different endings (Again replay value and this is also linked to an Achievement). Now what do you get with this Edition? 1 Art book which is very nicely done. 1 DVD which contains various trailers, a sort of Electronic Comic, the making of the Game which lasts for like 1hr, Official Deus Ex Music in mp3 and you also get a special "Activation Code" to gain some early items in game and 1 Extra Mission:) Final Score 9/10 It's a solid game, good story, good gameplay, game length is longer than the majority of single player games on the market and this special edition with all the contents it has to offer is a valid purchase:)

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5.00/5.00 September 6, 2011

When a first person game gets stealth right...

Believe the hype. People who resign this game to just an FPS game are missing the point, they are overlooking what makes this game great and a cut above so many others. You have the choice in how you play. You can go guns-blazing, and in this context the game is an enhanced FPS experience. You also have the choice to play using the stealth option, this is for me where this game shines above any other First-person game I have ever played. There will be many comparisons to games in the stealth genre, the main natural comparison is Splinter Cell, and in many ways it is similar, the stealth works, there are multiple routes to take on each area depending how you want to play. Just the first area you have to pass through has at least 3 different routes, ranging from walking through the area blowing people away to scaling the nearby containers and using a vent system to access the target building. The thing that seperates this from other stealth games or first person games is that it is in essence an RPG. In a similar way to Alpha Protocol (but much better) you can upgrade your character, Adam Jensen, using Augmentations. Again, there are many and the ones you upgrade can compliment your gameplay choice. You have the option to eradicate recoil and make your armour more resilient if you wish to shoot your way through, or you can upgrade things like hacking and cloak to aid your stealthy tendencies. In short, this game has something for a lot of different gamers. You can shoot and kill people much in the same way you can in other games of a similar guise, or you can very successfully pass the whole game without ever being detected. In the augmented edition, you get a code for some bonus material, and to be honest the weapons wouldn't be much use to me since I play a stealth game, but the presentation of this edition is fantastic. The art book is a nice touch, and the bonus DVD is a very interesting watch for fans of the series or just of this game. All in all, I give this game a 10/10 rating, and I would recommend it to anybody.

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5.00/5.00 July 8, 2012

great value for the money

Deus Ex has often been referred to as the Holy Grail of gaming by its rabid fans. It sported a massive and immersive world, with a relatively emotionless protagonist to create your own image for. It also sported combat that had multiple ways to win, and eventually this style of gameplay could be seen later in games such as Bioshock, where crafty spells have just as lethal effects as bullets.....but yes, you can just shoot everyone to pieces if you so choose. So the bar is quite high for Deus Ex : Human Revolution. We already saw one sequel in Deus Ex: Invisible War try to remake that epic feel of JC Dentons adventure, the protagonist of the first game. While it wasnt a bad game, it was nowhere near the level of awesome that the fan base was expecting. Now its up to the guys at Eidos to learn from their mistakes and make a worthy sequel of a legend. This game is rated M for Mature. Its not only mature for its topics and gameplay, but I would actually call it mature for understanding of the storyline as well. Human Revolution, and the Deus Ex series in general are a wealth of genres pooled together. Since each one is an important part of the whole, well approach the gameplay one at a time. The first part of the gameplay that will probably stand out to you are the stealth portions. These are common, but largely optional. Forced stealth is not a fun mechanic, and Im happy to see the developers realized this. Being spotted will almost always trigger attacks and possibly reinforcements depending on the alert level, but the AI for better or for worse is completely retarded. If you so much as duck behind a box for a few seconds, the sentries will go right back to their posts/along their merry way. Seeing as were not playing Metal Gear, I can accept this. It also helps with the flow of the game. If youre constantly getting spotted and not playing a combat-oriented character, youll definitely appreciate the quick resetting of patrols. But the stealth gameplay isnt just get byit can also be get to your opponents for conversations or quick kills. Stealth is optional, but the rewards are so much more satisfying than playing Rambo. When the blood spills, it turns into a fairly standard game. Fans of the original will be happy to see that your accuracy isnt horrendous at long range now, and like every other damn shooter, weve got a cover system. Even when you get hit, theres a health regeneration element. A lot of you probably stood up and yelled after reading that, but fear not. Its fairly slow, and if you pump up the difficulty, extremely slow. Mistakes in combat are not easily fixed as a result, so you cant rely on being in cover for 5 seconds to restore your health. You restore your mana as well when it is depleted, but only enough for one actions worth. You have to find consumables to restore the rest. Attacks such as Takedowns (lethal or non-lethal, more on this later) will use your energy just like special attacks. Deus Ex : Human Revolution is a wonderful step forward for cyberpunk RPG enthusiasts. This is RPG perfection! The world feels vivid, the options in combat are numerous and varied, and you can come up with multiple ways to solve a situation typically. You have every reason to explore and try things in Human Revolution, and whats more, youre actually rewarded for doing so rather than feeling like you wasted your time. Other developers, take note, this is a wonderful feeling to have

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5.00/5.00 September 7, 2011


I'll start off with this; I have not played a game like this in what feels like too long a time. As much fun as all the newer games that have come out in the last decade are, not so many have truly made me enjoy the simplicity of exploring, exploiting and generally playing however I feel, as in Deus Ex does. I guess I'd almost compare this to Morrowind when it first came out, but of course not as vast as that.

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Reviews and analysis of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Witness futuristic stealth action with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. With this Digital Deluxe Edition Steam PC key, you'll enter a ...